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KBC Registration – Check Date, Online Form, Procedure, Audition

KBC Register  Those who want to register for the coming season KBC  do not have to wait any longer since registration online has officially began to register for KBC  by the SONY channel. If you’ve been waiting for long to get the registration process. Then you can read this article to get a better understanding of the important aspects. In this article, you’ll learn the entire procedure of how to register successfully in the KBC.

The massive program Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by the star Amitabh Bachchan does not require an introduction. Every year, the followers of the show wait for the show’s return to show up for their enjoyment on television, and to be a part of the show.

KBC Registration Eligibility

If you are interested in participating in KBC it is necessary to sign up first. You must determine if you meet their eligibility requirements or not. Here are a few criteria for eligibility that you need to be able to meet.

You must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration.

You must have the status of the Indian citizen.

There is no need to have criminal record or charges against you.

There should not be any medical issue, mental or physical, at the date of registration.

These are only a few of the fundamental criteria you must adhere to when signing up for the show.

KBC Registration Date

The show or channel hasn’t yet announced a time frame for the broadcast of the show, or for the registration procedure. The official website has announced that registration will begin shortly. According estimates, it’s now confirmed to announce that KBC procedure for registration is expected to begin in the second Week of April in . This is about a month earlier than the previous year’s registration dates.

It is known that the total of 10 questions expected to asked element the KBC Registration and the participants will are required to answer in accordance with the method available. First question is scheduled to officially airing on the 9th of April in, while the final question will be broadcast on 19th April . The viewers will be provided with 24 hours to submit answers to each question between 9:00 PM and the following day, at 8:59:59pm.

registration process

The registration process to participate in KBC began on the 10th of May 2021. Therefore,  predicted  this year too registration  begin on May 9th, . These  estimates and the exact date announced by the show’s own staff soon via advertisements on TV or on the official website.

How To Do KBC Registration ?

The only way to be approved to participate in KBC head Office Number India   is to do so via the internet. There aren’t any offline options to avail the assistance of. You can either sign up through an application called the SONY Liv app, or by IVR or SMS. Whichever method you choose to use the process, registration is completely free. This full procedure of how to get registered with all three choices.

The registration process is done through the the SONY Liv App

The first step is to sign up with using the SONY Liv program. You can download this application on your android mobile device through Google Playstore. Additionally, Apple users can install the app from the store. One thing you must be aware of is that you need to wait for advertising for registration to air on TV because you will see registration questions in those ads only. Take these actions to sign up.


Step 1: Install the application SONY Liv onto your smartphone first.

Step 2: Provide an email address along with a telephone number accurately in the application.

Step 3 – Then step is to choose your age, and then your gender.

Step 4 – Then, provide your academic qualifications and your job.

Step 5 – Select which zone you want to select from the states that are provided.

Step 6: Finally, provide your answer addressed in the KBC ad that shown on TV in the form of B C, D, or A.

Once you’ve completed all of the questions correctly, then you’ll be notified of the confirmation in your display.

Registration via SMS

The second most simple method is to register using SMS. It is important to note that only users of these connections BSNL, Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, IDEA can make registration via SMS. The cost for registration is 3 rupees per SMS. 3 per SMS. Use these instructions to have registration completed via SMS.

Step 1 – Read the carefully asked question in the KBC TV ad for registration,

Step 2 – In the body of your SMS on the phone you are using, write: KBC A/B/C/D> . In other words, if you believe your answer to this question is”A” and you’re an adult female who is 20 years old, the body of your SMS will be KBC The 20th F.

Step 3: Then, text the messages to 509093.

You should receive an email confirmation soon If you answered correctly.

List of Documents Required for KBC Registration

If you’re registering to play in KBC Helpline number mumbai  and want to play in the tournament There are a few of the crucial documents you will need to present to verify your identity for kbc. These  the documents required to have on hand to be verified.

The first document you need to have  required must be your PAN card. This is because the team will verify information about your bank account as well as other details in the payment process when you win cash prize.

The second important document to have is an address proof that will confirm that you are have been an Indian citizen. You may present documents like the driving licence, your passport and even your aadhar card to serve this purpose.

The next document you must provide is your education certificate, which will give details of your education qualifications.


Clients who can react quickly when texting  sent to join the studio. They then have the opportunity to participate in an event known by”The Fastest Finger First competition. The contest is where they must provide four answers to each question asked from them. A time limit  set to the participants to increase the intensity of their opponents. The winner of the race for Fastest Finger Firs given the chance to play the game of a lifetime within an extremely tight space with Amitabh The man who is the organizer of The All India SIM Card WhatsApp imo Lucky Draw. Bachchan The game involves the creation of a number of crucial questions. Each question provides a specific amount of money to the winner based on the correct answer.


Since its debut in 2000, Kaun Banega Crorepati has been among the most watched television shows in India currently on its thirteenth year of. Big B hosts the show. Big B. Amitabh Bachchan hosts the show. participants  selected according to their speed at answering a specific question prior to proceeding onto the next game.

The main portion of the round there were 10-16 questions that  answered and prizes  determined the weighting of questions. The winners receive a cash prize based on the amount of questions that correctly answered with an award check. The check will  credited to the winning account in 4-5 days.

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