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AAS DI KIRAN is a government-approved and licensed alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab that has constantly assisted people in living a healthy and sustainable life free of addiction.  based in the quiet of Punjab, far from the rush and bustle of the city, has been working for the welfare of alcoholics since 2007. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance to live a happy and healthy life, regardless of their circumstances. We at AAS DI KIRAN assist them in achieving this aim by enrolling them in Punjab’s Best De-Addiction Centre.
Every day, hundreds of individuals die as a result of excessive alcohol use. Only in India, 16 crore people aged 15 to 75 years are affected by alcohol, with men accounting for 15 times the number of women. According to a recent poll conducted by the National Union of Drugs/Substance Use in India, Punjab is among the top three states where people need immediate treatment for their alcohol addiction.
Alcohol does not have the same social stigma as drugs in Punjab, and many do not consider it an addiction, which is a major problem for the state. To assist people in overcoming their addictions, AAS DI KIRAN went a step forward by connecting them with Punjab’s most reputable alcohol rehabilitation centre, where addiction is handled with compassion and empowerment.

What are the Advantages of joining our rehabilitation Centre?

It’s better to seek therapy if drug abuse is having a negative effect on your life and the lives of those around you. Addiction is treatable, therefore going to a drug rehab centre can help you get medical help to stop abusing substances and start or restart a healthy lifestyle. Although alcoholism is incurable, it can be properly treated. Drug rehabilitation is one of the most frequent types of addiction treatment, and a drug rehabilitation centre has numerous benefits.

Advanced and Latest Therapies Methods:

While taking care of patients, we use the most recent and advanced treatment technologies and techniques. Likewise, our treatment therapies are of high quality and have been approved by international health organizations. As a result, it will provide you with complete assurance of results.

Recreational Activities:

Our Drug Rehabilitation centre in Punjab is situated pollution-free and good atmosphere. We also have outstanding arrangements for patients’ extracurricular activities. Patients are free to use playgrounds, gymnasiums, swimming pools, jogging tracks, and other recreational facilities. These services will undoubtedly aid in their quick recovery.

Hygienic Surroundings:

Our drug rehabilitation centre in Punjab is in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere. We begin our day with birds chirping and a beautiful sunrise. There isn’t any traffic noise. As a result, patients will feel relaxed and at ease during their treatment.

Psychology Counseling:

Psychology Counseling is the best way to medicate the drug-addicted patient. As a result, we conduct regular counseling at our rehabilitation centre in Punjab to identify the patients’ psychology. Meditation sessions have also been shown to be beneficial in this regard. We discovered it to be the most efficient and effective method of achieving the desired results.


Medications can help people reduce their alcohol cravings. It is entirely up to you whether you want to give up the addiction or continue in moderation. We simply introduce you to reality and help you restore confidence and control over your health as the top rehab centre in Punjab.

Peer Support:

Communication with individuals who actually understand how you feel is essential for long-term recovery from peer support. They’ll start attending community discussion meetings with other rehabilitation patients who are learning how to live a healthy lifestyle as well. Participating in peer support activities will make you feel less isolated and improve your communication abilities. You’ll discover how important it is to form a support network that will be there for you during your long-term rehabilitation.

Contact for Help:

If you know someone who is showing signs of alcoholism but is too shy to talk about it, refer them to the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab. We will assist them in overcoming their addictions and leading a fulfilling life away from alcohol. When they choose to begin their rehabilitation journey at the AAS DI KIRAN, They are attempting to take a step forward toward a new life full of hope, promises, and purposes.