Wordle, The Word Game That Goes Viral

There are men in this wide world who are seriously cementing the sense of connection in their relationship with ornate tokens of love, and there are also couples who are busy invading social media to shout out to their followers which one of them loves the other more.

And then, there is Mr. Josh Wardle who stands out from this pack, whose sweet gesture of love became the talk of the town (literally, the entire globe talks of it). His action spoke so loud that his creation, “The Wordle” is the most Googled game to this minute.

In this new normal era filled with mobile apps to its brim, Wordle mushroomed from nowhere and has earned its niche with elegance. And, this is the phenomenon that leaves even the most ambitious bigwigs spellbound. Yet, the reason why Wordle made it possible astounds us.

All of us have experienced how attention-grabbing mobile games could be at the beginning and at the same time, how it turns out to be an annoyance due to that pop-up notifications feature. And, that is when Wordle came into the picture. This game is an exact synonym of an oxymoron, the most demanded game that doesn’t aim at demanding much of its user’s attention.

In the fullness of time, this new word game continues to be attention-grabbing while all it uses is just 3 minutes of its player’s time. Thus, this validates the fact that all these rapidly changing digital epoch needs are an innovation that simplifies things with a tinge of amusement.

Therefore, this Wordle vogue tends users as well as business persons to raise a few questions. Keep scrolling! You may get to know some.

What made the New York Times acquire the Wordle game?

Mr. Wardle, a 28-year-old graduate of Brooklyn university, came up with a prototype for a word game in 2013. And, unfortunately, none of his fellow mates approved of it. It was just a year ago that Mr. and Mrs. Wardle got the spark for crosswords and word games.

This made Mr.Wardle think about developing a game for them to play each morning as part of our routine. Asides from this, Mr. Wardle got seriously enticed by the New York Times crosswords and spelling games during the pandemic period. So, no wonder the New York Times Games seem to play a big part in taking Wordle to a global audience.

Thus, the New York Times publication has managed to acquire the popular word game, Wordle. And now, those who try to access the Wordle website will now get automatically redirected to the newer NYT page.

This is because the NY-times games are marveled at for their high-quality content and originality. Wordle will now play a part in that daily experience. So, what makes this simple word game likable?

What makes the Wordle game so popular?

The simplicity of the game is the cause of its fame. A player needs to begin by guessing any five-letter word and entering it.

  • If any of the letters in the word you entered match with that day’s word but it’s in the wrong place, those letters appear yellow.
  • If the letters of the words you entered are in the word of the day and it’s in the right place, then those letters turn green.
  • If the letters of the word you entered don’t match with the word of the day, then they turn grey.

Apart from this, the credit for the increasing popularity of the game should be given to the New York Times for not making changes to the gameplay mechanics of Wordle. The game is being kept ad-free to this day when many users expected NY Times to put a paywall.

Thus, the game is just for fun and nothing more and to ideally keep it that is what its founder intends. In addition to this, the game was reduced to one puzzle a day as Wardle wanted the game to not lose its charm for a few years and its players to enjoy it often.

How do you make a Wordle game?

Thus, the above-mentioned pieces of information show how the players are obsessed with this endlessly. And, on the other hand, many entrepreneurs have started to analyze and deconstruct it to create something similar to Wordle. In the end, the insatiable appetite for the essence of the simple word puzzle serves to be the catalyst of multiple Wordle clones. A few of them are listed below.

  • Worldle → A game that lets you guess countries based on their outline.
  • Squabble → A multiplayer, Battle Royale version of Wordle.
  • Dordle → A game that lets you solve two Wordles at a time.
  • Primle → A game that lets you find a 5-digit prime number.

Astoundingly, this word-guessing puzzle game which has taken over nearly most of our social media timelines isn’t an official app for now. So, don’t be surprised when you find one when you search for it on the App Store.

They are just the clone apps of the original Wordle game. These Wordle clone apps may share the same name and mechanics as the original, but they are just the tip of the iceberg whereas there are and will be numerous variations.

It’s even shocking to know that some of these clone apps have been downloaded by more than 10 lakh users since January. This became possible as nearly all of these Wordle clones offer the exact user experience as the viral web-only daily wordless game.

And, only a very few are available in a slightly varied format offering a completely different experience to its players with features like no daily limit on words.

So, indisputably ambitious business minds would try to make the best out of this new trend and set foot into the online gaming industry. And, to get it done with perfection you need to think as if there isn’t a box.

Irrespective of whatever the future holds Wordle has inspired millions of web/ mobile app creators across the globe. Therefore, find some reputed web/mobile app development company and get your version of the Wordle game developed in a short span using the Wordle clone and arrive at an innovative online gaming platform.