Why buy a Dohar: A bedding guide

During the summer, a bulky blanket is hard to imagine. And if you are using an Air Conditioner, all you would want is something soft to keep you warm at night. A dohar is, thus, a great option for your requirements.


As the temperature begins to fall across the country, we are all looking forward to snuggling up in our warm blankets. On the other hand, when summer arrives, you may find yourself drenched in sweat before turning on the air conditioner. However, after a while, you are too cold to sleep. You wish you had a soft AC quilt or a cosy dohar blanket to curl up under and sleep soundly.


We believe that purchasing bedding is never an easy choice to make. However, with so little information available about what makes a dohar different from a blanket and other options, making a decision can be difficult . We will give you a handy guide so that you can make an informed decision and buy dohar online from us.


A dohar is a light covering that is traditionally made of three layers of cotton muslin stitched together. Dohar blankets are light enough to be used in any part of India, including those with harsh winter and summer climates. A light AC dohar is ideal for a pleasant summer night and a cold winter night as well.


However, judging the quality, material, and, of course, the look and feel before putting it on your bed can be difficult. You can buy dohar online in India without any hesitation from our store’s site. We assure you of the quality of the product that we provide. They are ultra plush and have beautiful prints on them to add a touch of class to your bedroom. We’ve made them strong and long-lasting for use. Furthermore, they do not end up causing you to sweat, so you will not be hot and sweaty while sleeping. We are certain that you will not be disappointed if you buy dohar online from us.


Furthermore, if you are a frequent traveller who prefers to carry your own bedding, keep in mind that a dohar will take up less space in your bag than any other bedding option. The same can be said for storage space, especially if you plan to keep it inside during the day or for an entire season. Similarly, because they are machine washable and get softer with each wash, they are easy to maintain at home.


So, rather than tossing and turning at night, buy dohar online in India from our site and experience the difference for yours