We knew exactly what people searching for, so we searched for Rubber Equestrian Mats and came across our rubber grass mats as one of the results. We navigated to our grass mats and began researching their size, installation techniques, and other perks.

About thirty 23 mm Rubber Grass Mats together with 400 cable ties after learning that our mats were easy to install, 100 per cent recycled & recyclable, permeable, and durable. The mats were despatched the same day and delivered by pallet just three working days later. We could begin installation as soon as her mats and ties were in the same area as her yard.

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Cows are sedentary creatures. According to studies, cows spend an average of 15 hours every day resting in pasture. When confined to a barn, however, that resting period is drastically decreased.

Cows (particularly milking cows) require a softer surface because they spend the majority of their time lying down. The more time a cow spends resting, the healthier and more productive it will be.

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Why is rubber stable matting used?

Rubber mats are more durable and softer than concrete, thus they provide more comfort.

Rubber matting is suitable for cow physiology: The Free Fall — While lying down, a cow free falls the last 10-12 inches. Injuries can be reduced by using rubber matting.


The best manner to house sheep can sometimes be determined by the weather. It is critical to provide adequate shelter for them during cold weather.

Sheep are more vulnerable to cold than cows and might die if exposed to it. A shorn sheep, in fact, is more susceptible to cold than a naked person since their body temperature is around 102 degrees F substantially higher than a human’s.

Why is rubber stable matting used?

Rubber matting acts as an insulator against chilly flooring in the winter and as a comfortable sleeping option in the summer.

Rubber mats can also be used as side wall insulation to keep sheep warm, especially newly shorn sheep.


Goats are best maintained within a robust and safe shelter than wandering free, where they frequently stray. They can jump 5 feet in the air and even climb trees!

Goats require more frequent cleaning than other animals since they have four stomachs, allowing them to ingest and digest enormous amounts of food fast. As a result, they have more fast bowel movements than other animals.


Why is rubber stable matting used?

Rubber matting may be readily carried outside and cleaned.

It allows for proper drainage of water and urine.

Horses, like people, can suffer from tiredness and other leg ailments as a result of extended standing. The tension placed on the hooves and limbs by hard and concrete flooring can make them more prone to ailments such as torn ligaments and tendinitis, among other things.

Why is rubber stable matting used?

The strains on a horse’s legs can be reduced by using excellent padding on hard concrete flooring.

Rubber matting creates softer conditions that provide anti-fatigue relief.

Using rubber mats instead of standard stable matting minimizes the risk of dust-related respiratory ailments.