Where NBA Players Spend Their Off-Season

We all know that NBA players spend their time playing basketball during the season. Some of them are lucky enough to live close to their home, while others have to travel across the country and stay in hotels. But where do they go when the season ends? This article breaks down where NBA players spend their off-season and what it’s like for them there!

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As the NBA season comes to an end, many players head off to different parts of the world to spend their offseason. While some players stay in the US, others go home to continue working on their game or enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. Here’s a look at where some of the league’s top players spend their offseason.

LeBron James – Los Angeles, CA

LeBron James is one of the most well-known athletes in the world and he spends his offseason in Los Angeles, CA. James has a number of businesses in LA including a production company, Uninterrupted, and a clothing line with Nike. He also uses his time in LA to work out and prepare for the upcoming season.

Kevin Durant – Oklahoma City, OK

Kevin Durant grew up in Washington D.C., but he spends his offseason in Oklahoma City, OK where he plays for the Thunder. Durant enjoys spending time with his family and friends during the offseason and he also likes to get away from the basketball spotlight. Durant has used his time off to travel to different countries and learn about new cultures.

Stephen Curry – Walnut Creek, CA

Stephen Curry is one of the best shooters in NBA history and he spends his offseason in Walnut Creek, CA. Curry grew up in the Bay Area and he still lives there during the offseason. He enjoys spending time with his family, going to Warriors games, and working on his game.

Russell Westbrook – Los Angeles, CA

Russell Westbrook is one of the most explosive players in the NBA and he spends his offseason in Los Angeles, CA. Westbrook has a number of endorsement deals and he uses his time in LA to work on his brand. He also uses the city as a base to travel to different countries during the offseason.

What do NBA players do during the off-season?

Many NBA players spend their off-seasons working on their game. They may work on specific skills, such as shooting or ball-handling, or they may just play pick-up games with friends to stay in shape. Some players also use the off-season to rest and recover from injuries.

Some players spend their off-seasons traveling. They may visit family or friends, or they may go on vacation. Some players also use the off-season to do charitable work, such as running basketball camps for kids.

Whatever they do, NBA players typically use the off-season to prepare for the upcoming season.

What are their favorite places to go?

The off-season is a time for NBA players to relax and recharge after a long and grueling regular season. Many players take advantage of the opportunity to travel and see the world. Others use the time to reconnect with friends and family. And some simply enjoy the chance to stay home and enjoy a more low-key lifestyle.

Wherever they spend their off-season, NBA players always make sure to keep up with their training regimes. They know that they have to be in top shape when the next season starts. So while they may enjoy a little R&R during the off-season, they always keep their eye on the prize: winning an NBA championship.


NBA players have a lot of free time during the off-season, and they often spend it traveling to different places. While some players stay in their home countries, others travel to different parts of the world. Some players even use the off-season to visit family or friends who live in other countries. No matter where they go, NBA players always find ways to stay busy during their time off.