What You Can and Cannot Do While Out On Bail

The process of getting arrested and getting out on bail is stressful. If someone bails you out of jail, there are things you can and cannot do while you await your court date and are out on bail. Your co-signer would also acquire some responsibilities. Obeying the court and becoming a model citizen while out on bail would help your case. Here are the details:

What You Can Do While Out on Bail

Enjoy Limited Travel

After being stuck behind bars for a while, travel may be cathartic. Just remember that the court or a bail bond agent may limit your travels to your county or state.


Holding down a job is one of the best things that you could do while awaiting your court date. That’s because it makes you look like a productive member of society. Working also helps to keep you out of trouble.

Meet with your Lawyer 

Meeting with your lawyer is something you can only do if you are not incarcerated. Use your time out of jail to build up a defense case with your lawyer for your upcoming court appearances.

What You Cannot Do While Out on Bail

Ignore your Bail Conditions – Depending on your case and the judge presiding over it, you may have to agree to particular conditions when getting bailed out of jail. The court may:

  • Issue a curfew.
  • Forbid you from consuming any alcohol.
  • Forbid you from having a firearm in your home or on your person.
  • Forbid you from contacting the people who saw you commit a crime.
  • Forbid you from contacting the people who were hurt by your crime.

If you get caught ignoring one or more of the stipulations, you would be arrested and taken back to jail. You would lose your bail bond, causing the person who posted your first bail bond to lose everything they had put up as collateral. You would also have a second court date, with the bail bond and premium set at twice the previous price. Your co-signer would very likely not bail you out again.

Engage in Illegal Activity 

Some habits die hard, however, you should be on your very best behavior when you are out on bail. Being a model citizen throughout the months you are free would increase your chances of winning your upcoming court case. It would be particularly risky to use illegal substances while out on bail because the court may issue random drug tests. You’ll be tested for drugs when you come to court. You and your co-signer would suffer the aforementioned consequences if you get caught committing a crime while out on bail.

Miss Your Court Dates

Failing to show up at court may seem like a minor thing, but that’s not the case. If you miss your court date, both you and your co-signer would suffer the same consequences handed out for ignoring court-ordered stipulations or for committing a crime while out on bail. You should not skip court, at least not without contacting your bondsman ahead of time.

Co-Signer Responsibilities

A co-signer also called an indemnitor, contacts a bail agency when he wants to bail a defendant out of jail. Among the many Los Angeles bail bonds agencies, Bail Hotline stands out as a reliable option. That is reassuring to know since a co-signer signs a promissory note for the entire bail amount. He also pays a 10% premium/non-refundable service charge that’s good for a year.

Once the co-signer puts up collateral, he is responsible for the defendant appearing in court. If the defendant does not appear, the bond may be forfeited and the co-signer’s collateral taken to cover the full bail amount. The co-signer must also tell the agency where the defendant is so that he can be quickly located and taken back to jail. Please note that a co-signer can add stipulations on a bond or cancel a bond.

A bail bond can make all the difference for you, depending on a few factors. First of all, your co-signer should use a reliable bail bond agency. Once out of jail, you could help your case if you work a job, meet with your lawyer and behave as a model citizen. Ignoring bail conditions, committing a crime, and failing to appear in court have severe consequences.