car insurance

What should be there in car insurance?

Car Insurance Cover:

Auto insurance policy not only keep you protected from accidents, but it also helps you to pay the repair costs and medical bills that come from a severe accident. Car Insurance depends on how much a customer is paying for the type of car insurance policy. The customer has many options about insurance policy.

This article will guide you about accidental coverage options.

How Car Insurance Works:

Most Car Insurance policy includes many types of car accidental coverage each is capable for paying different expenses. Here is an example one half of your policy might cover your vehicles repairs while another half pays for someone else’s car damaged.

Each Accidental coverage has its own limits. The maximum a customer pays for the policy. The maximum benefits you get from the policy. Moreover, customer can customize its insurance plan and decide how much a customer is willing to pay for his policy.

The higher plan a customer purchases the more types of coverage the less financial responsibility customer will likely to face the customer only gets the more expensive insurance plan will be.

In order to get the best Auto insurance plan, one must do research about what are the best policy plans.

Types of Car Insurance Coverages:

How your insurance plan works depends on the coverage a customer is buying.

Below are some Insurance Coverages:

Liability Insurance:

After an accident Liability Insurance covers all the expenses. This coverage involves the repair cost for the property damaged by you. So, you don’t need to worry about others damaged expense.

Personal Injury Protection:

It covers all the medical expenses after an accident. Hence, it does not matter whose fault was.

Uninsured Coverage:

This coverage is for those drivers who don’t own any insurance Because they were unable to pay for the damage they cause.

Collision Coverage:

It repairs expenses from accidents related traffic regardless of who is responsible for the cause of accident.

Gap Insurance:

This policy depends on the accessories that own by your car and what car market value at the time of accident because market prices increase as time moves on.

Other Insurance Plan:

There are many other auto insurance plans other than the above.

The most important Auto Insurance Plan is TPO (Third-Party Only).

What is TPO?

TPO stands for “Third Party Only“. It is the legal minimum for getting on the road. Suppose if a driver bump into another car or vehicle by an accident. The injury driver or passenger faces and the damaged caused by you is covers by Third Party Only policy.

TPO also covers any property damaged caused by you or your driver that was driving your insured car. Hence, it helps driver to drive car without any worry.

What TPO not covers?

  • If the policy holder passenger got sustain accident injuries TPO is not responsible.
  • Any cost your vehicle faced by an accident means if the owner has an accident and his or her car got badly damaged. It repairs cost will not be handled by TPO.
  • TPO is not responsible if your car or vehicle got stolen or lost.