What Is Outsourced Lead Generation? How To Generate Leads In 2022

The key to a successful business is generating quality leads. Therefore every time markets top priority is to find that lead and keep the sales pipeline hot. But finding the best quality lead all time is not easy enough. 61% of traders face huge difficulties to do this challenging job. They confess that finding new potential customers is one of their company’s number one struggles. if  you are looking for Social Marketing Service then contack AIS Technolabs

Whether one can not find the right strategy or does not have enough time to track down respective clients. That is why outsourced lead generation comes in the show. If you want to know more about outsourced lead generation keep reading the following article.

What Is Outsourced Lead Generation?

The term ‘Outsourced Lead Generation’ basically means hiring external companies to drive in more leads to your sales team. There are many outsourced lead generation companies that perform a wide range of activities like cold calling, product or service promotion to bring in the flow of leads, etc.

In simple words, lead generation refers to the process of attracting and converting a stranger into a company’s future customer.

With the help of a successful lead generation strategy, one can create a smooth pipeline of efficient leads that will be nurtured until they are ready to buy. Always try to keep the pipeline full of good leads who will eventually become loyal customers in the future.

Whether you are running a B2B or B2C company, you can never ignore the importance of leads. May your company have the most outstanding products or provide the best quality services in the market but, without customers, you can not make a single sale. Lack of consumers can drain all of your resources and hard work. That’s why most of the traders spend half of their budget on generating quality leads.

Having the best leads and potential customers results in more revenue, face value in the market, and most importantly a continuous rise in the growth curve.

Many start-up businesses suffer to find the right leads and potential customers. Then they look for outsourced lead generation. So the outsourced lead generation has become an increasingly popular solution to get rid of this problem.

Outsourcing means dealing with a third-party company that will handle the task of finding the potential leads for your company. Therefore, it’s possible to look after other important portions of the business growth.

How To Generate Leads In 2022:

This is the most basic step to generate leads in 2021. Until you have a well-maintained customer relation management system there is no chance of acquiring new leads. As soon as the new leads come in, your team must be ready to deal with them and build a strong relationship. Otherwise, you may lose them which is not expected.

Investing in relation-building software has always been considered as a good choice of investment. May your company have the efficient workers to handle it but sometimes this is not enough. So it’s better to have a solid tool to control the pressure of new leads.

Customize Returning Users’ Experience:

As SEOs, it’s our main target to get obsessed over attracting visitors to our site. Many Times the returning visitors are neglected. That is never expected, because people who have chosen to come back to your site are the most reliable source of leads or customers.

As they have already used your brand’s products and now they have returned to you again it means they trust your services and products. They must be considered as the good quality source of lead and they will promote your brand to their friends and family which eventually helps to gain more leads.

Unsurprisingly, statistical research (in the year of 2017) has shown an impressive result. It claimed that the conversion rate of returning visitors was approximately twice higher than that of the new site visitors. There are some policies to make this number  much higher.

On-site remarketing is one of those policies. It generally means customization of the site depending on the past interactions between customer and website. This will bring good come back experience to them. On the other hand it increases your chance to get their attention and finally get them to convert.

Create and Market more videos:

It is already proved that the video is a good element to generate leads.  Nowadays it is playing a more effective role with the increasing number of social media. According to the research, use of video on a landing page can increase conversion by 68%. Interestingly 78% of the customers are more interested in watching video than reading newsfeed.

Build a real connection with each lead

The pandemic has affected the way we interact with each other in daily life as well. Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube have received a sharp boost in the number of daily users. The increased number of hours we spend in front of our electronic devices has made us miss ordinary face-to-face conversations. Therefore, the last thing your leads want is to be treated just like another number when you reach out to them. Your potential clients want to receive a unique value-adding offer, to feel genuine emotions from each sales communication, and to be special for you and your business.

What it means in practice is that instead of focusing on the promotion of your product or services directly, you need to apply a persona-driven approach in your next lead generation campaign. This method implies appealing to the lead’s challenges and needs, their desires, personal interests, achievements, and opportunities for growth, all of which should be identified beforehand when building your business’s ideal customer profile and buyer persona. To help you create more persona-centric messages, here are a few email personalization hacks that might inspire you.

Measure and adapt

With the outbreak of a new COVID-19 variant just recently, no one knows what other alterations 2022 might bring to the business world. Therefore, a main lead generation tip for next year is to keep track of all the changes occurring and to be prepared to adjust to the new rules rapidly.

Focus on continuous improvement.

No matter how successful your lead generation efforts are, you should always seek to improve your conversion rates. Lead generation strategies will change over time and may become ineffective. Gathering feedback from clients who have purchased your products or services can help you better understand what factors led them to choose your company over a competitor.

The year 2022 might surprise us as the time when the world finally recovers from the post-pandemic shock. However, it absolutely doesn’t mean going back to the old ways of conducting business. New trends in B2B sales, which became apparent during these last couple of years, are going to be more relevant than ever. Take advantage of digital innovations and gain momentum in sales with these new lead generation strategies for your business.


it’s very easy to understand that to run a smooth pipeline of customers, focusing on outsourced lead generation is always top priority. So, investing on a good and reputed lead generating source is a good choice of investment.