canon tray problem

What is Canon Printer Rear Tray Problem?

Canon Printer Rear tray Problem: After you have loaded the paper, close the cover of the feed slot. This prevents incorrect printing. The printer has a function that checks whether the knowledge for the paper in the container or on the rear tray matches the paper settings. If the settings are not in line with the paper information, a warning message will be displayed to prevent incorrect printing. Once the error message has been displayed, correct your paper settings. After loading paper into the printer, insert a cassette. The screen will display the settings for the type and size of the paper. The paper information can be set according to the type and size of the loaded papers.

Show the paper info screen located on the panel to check the container and rear tray paper information.

Here are some simple steps to fix the Canon Printer Rear Tray problem

You can either load plain or exposure paper.

Envelopes can be loaded in the rear tray together.

  1. Make sure you have paper.
  • Align the edges of your paper. Flatten any paper that is curled.


  • Before loading, align the sides of the paper perfectly. Paper jams can be caused by paper being loaded without aligning its sides.
  • Hold the paper curled on one side and gently bend the opposite corner until it becomes flat.
  1. Load paper
  • To remove the paper support, open the rear tray cover.
  • Cover the feed slot.
  • Slide the paper guides up to open them. Load the paper into the middle of the tray with the PRINT side facing up.
  • To align the paper guides with the sides of the paper stack, slide the paper guides.
  • Don’t push the paper guides against the paper too hard. You might not be able to feed the paper properly.


  • Always load paper in portrait orientation. Paper jams can be caused by paper being loaded in the landscape orientation.

For the Canon Printer Rear Tray Problem to be solved, here are some important points:

  • Paper cannot be fed if the cover of the feed slot is not closed. Make sure you close the cover of your feed slot.
  • The touchscreen displays the paper information registration screen for rear tray after closing the feed slot cowl.
  • Choose the size and type of the paper in the rear tray.
  • Open the operation panel and pull out the paper output tray, paper output support and the extension tray.
  • Before you print, make sure that the operation panel is open. The ij start cannon printer will not start printing if the panel is closed.


  • Printing is as easy as choosing the right size and type of paper.
  • Click here to learn how to specify the device supply after printing from Windows computers.
  • Click here to learn how to specify the paper feed supply when printing from a Mac.