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What Are The Criteria To Look For The Best Payment Gateway IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet protocol television, which is a new and modern way to watch television. The number of customers watching various programs that are typically seen more on cable television has unexpectedly increased online. If the number of viewers is high and people’s interest in IPTV has increased, a payment gateway is required.

IPTV is responsible for the secure and reliable delivery of entertainment video and many other programs. It also offers live tv, Video on Demand (VOD), and interactive TV. To view all these telecasts, customers need to make a subscription. Customers can only pay if the merchant offers them a suitable payment gateway with various payment modes.

As a merchant, it is a challenging task to integrate the best payment gateway on your websites. For this, you have to do lots of research work as all the payment gateway does not fit with all types of business.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss whether IPTV is illegal or legal and also discuss some points which are essential for the IPTV payment gateway. So. Let’s start.

Why IPTV payment gateway is essential for your IPTV businesses?

As IPTV business consider a high-risk business because many customers do not pay their subscription fees. This is the most common reason most of the fintech services consider the IPTV business as a high-risk business and does not work with this industry.

You can also say that traditional payment gateway does not work with the IPTV business. The payment gateway that has a speciality in working with high-risk businesses, especially with IPTV is known as the IPTV payment gateway.

One of the most popular IPTV payment gateways is PayCly. It has lots of experience in dealing with high-risk businesses such as IPTV. So, you can easily go with PayCly.

Is IPTV legal or illegal?

This is one of the most common questions you can see on the search engine. Most people are asking the same question.

Did you know why this question ask? The reason behind this is IPTV industry is largely unregulated. But you cannot say that IPTV is completely illegal.

As a merchant, if you share the content with a proper fintech services provider then it is considered legal. So, it completely depends on the merchant whether their IPTV industry is legal or illegal. In addition to well-known VOD(video-on-demand) services like Netflix, Amazon, etc., many IPTV providers offer copyrighted content that they are not authorized to offer.

Points to consider while choosing the payment gateway IPTV?

To run your IPTV business smoothly and successfully, it is essential to have a suitable payment gateway for IPTV. As you know, the IPTV industry is labelled as a high-risk industry so you have to look for a fintech service provider like PayCly that support high-risk businesses. 

Before going with any of the particular payment gateways make sure that the selected payment gateway has the following features –

Ability to accept multi-currency –

Is your business global? Well, if your answer is yes then you have to look for a payment gateway that supports multi-currency transactions. For this, you have to research thoroughly.

As your global business have a huge number of international customer, as a merchant it is your responsibility to offer them a reliable and smooth checkout process in their currency. This will help you to increase your conversion rate. Nowadays, you also know the value of cryptocurrency. If your payment gateway accepts cryptocurrency then this is best for you.

In a simple sentence, you have to look for a payment gateway that can accept multi-currency from all over the masses.

Offers different types of payment methods –

Today, making a payment via credit card or debit card is very common. Most customers use the cards to make the payment but not everyone. Still, many customers do not have credit cards or don’t like to make payments via credit cards.

In the IPTV business, customer has to pay either for monthly or annual subscriptions. Customers like to pay via their selected methods and if they don’t find their preferred payment methods they can easily switch to some other sites.

So, as a merchant, you have to offer all the possible options to your customers such as bank transfers, e-wallets, mobile payments, and even crypto-currency also.

High-level security services –

Security is the top priority for every merchant as well as for the customer also. Nowadays, almost every payment gateway has complied with the PCI DSS compliance. This is essential for all the online sites which host online payments through cards. It encrypted the customer’s sensitive data and ensure a secure payment procedure.

Along with this, your payment service provider also has cutting-edge tools such as fraud detection and prevention tools, Chargeback tools to minimize your chargeback, etc.

Real-time transactions –

Nowadays, this feature is important for all types of businesses. It will react and notify as soon as the incident happens. It monitors every transaction, chargeback, and fraudulent attempt. Its charges are not fixed. It all depends on your business model. Also, from the payment gateway, it removes the traffic.

Easy integration –

Always prefer the payment gateway which has simple integration functionalities. It means that the payment gateway can easily integrate into your websites. Also, make sure that your selected payment gateway offers you the best plugin options for additional features.

Transparency fees structure –

For any merchant, it is essential to completely understand the fee structure for any payment gateway. Most of the payment gateway have hidden fees so be aware of this. Some of the payment gateway charges are based on each transaction whereas some charge on a monthly bases. So before going to any of the decisions make your calculations.

Make sure that your selected payment gateway also supports recurring payments. Most payment gateway company does not charge for the setup but they charge high for each transaction.

Customer support –

Always select the payment gateway which offers excellent customer service. The trained customer support team works 24*7. If not 24*7 then at least they are working during business hours so that if the merchant needs any help the customer support team immediately responds.

Final thoughts –

IPTV industries are one of the most popular industries and as well very high risk. The one who wants to make more and more money can invest in these industries. But for this, you ought to need a payment gateway. 

Select a payment gateway that has experience in dealing with IPTV industries like PayCly because traditional payment gateway does not work with the IPTV industry as it is considered a high-risk business.

It is a little bit tricky to choose the best payment gateway for the IPTV industry. So, we suggest you keep some points that we already discussed above, in your mind while selecting the IPTV payment gateway.

PayCly is one of the best options for an IPTV payment gateway as it is a reliable processor according to your business need. With the IPTV payment gateway, you can grow your business in a hassle-free manner and gain more and more profits.

And In last I must say that if you like the article then do Comment and don’t forget to visit our website PayCly where you will get the best high-risk payment gateway in Singapore.