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What are the Benefits of Power BI?

While some know Power BI, others may not. It is for this reason that a presentation is essential. Microsoft Power BI software presents itself as a powerful data analysis service. A service allowing your collaborators or work partners to convert these same data into simple visuals. Visuals that will then be easily exploited. This is even the fundamental characteristic of software like Power BI: allowing the transformation of data into visuals accessible by all. Always in a professional logic, Power Bi can be very advantageous for your company, let’s take a closer look!

Definition of Power BI:

Power Bi takes its name from Business Intelligence for BI, or Business Intelligence. Today, most successful and agile companies use the power of artificial intelligence to help them in their decision making.

Any business management knows the vertigo of being faced with a large amount of data to make a decision. The most difficult part of the decision-making process is to have an overview that allows you to take the necessary distance to make the right choice .

‍ The great thing about Power BI is that it lets you see each element as a whole to make a more informed decision . The visual presentation of the dashboard makes it possible to identify at a glance the data important for decision-making.

With Power BI, business intelligence is accessible for all team members who need to access data and make decisions from it. Each relevant decision-making act is based on solid and verified data. With Power BI, data is analytical and updated in real time to give teams the ability to make choices based on concrete figures. Available on any platform, Power BI is part of Microsoft Power Platform , like Power Apps and Power Automate .

The advantages of Power BI:

Running a business means making decisions all the time. Often, the person in charge of the organization does not master all the cards to make a choice, and makes a decision to the best of his knowledge, or worse a little by chance.

The benefits of Power BI are numerous to help management teams make quick choices without compromising the profitability of their business. Power BI makes data visualization easy. With these presentation options in the form of tables, diagrams or even gauges or maps, it gives a complete view of the company’s data in visual form to facilitate the use of data in teams.

Thanks to its accessibility and visual presentation, Power BI is a powerful decision support tool that makes the difference between a normal business and a productive, agile and responsive business.

Business Intelligence, the tool that improves your company’s productivity

Business intelligence , or decision-making intelligence, is a powerful tool that brings together all the company’s data regardless of the department. BI concentrates the information in the same place by a collection system, then models this data to transform it into a decision-making tool.

For this, BI follows four steps:

  • The collection , which centralizes all the results of the databases;
  • Integration , which brings consistency and structure to the data aggregate;
  • Dissemination , which gives an easy-to-understand view to those with access rights to the information;
  • Restitution , which schematizes the information to make it a visual that is understandable for everyone and easily shareable.

The advantage of a tool such as Power BI is that these four steps are automated and fluid. Once the software is installed, no action is required to enter and manipulate data. Power BI takes care of finding the information where it is, whatever its source. The software processes the information to make it understandable, coherent and relevant to facilitate decision-making. All aspects of the business can be handled by Power BI: logistics, human resources, customer relations, financial transactions, the sales department, market analyses, manufacturing processes, etc. All data from each department can be consulted in a visual, interactive and intelligible way.

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Ease of use with dashboard and data visualization

Another notable advantage of Power BI is its ease of use. Whether for a person in a management position or an analyst, access to information is available in a few clicks. Each user can customize the analysis of the results according to their needs and the characteristics of their position.

No segmentation action on the raw data is necessary, since this has already been processed by Business Intelligence. The user immediately visualizes the data concerning him thanks to a personalized dashboard.

Once implemented, Power BI becomes a collaboration tool that allows teams to work with greater autonomy. Thanks to its analytical capabilities, this software facilitates the sharing of information between different departments and different employees.

Teams can work on the same analysis reports at the same time, even if they are in different spaces: Power BI is accessible anywhere and anytime on all platforms. Employees have greater autonomy, since they can access data easily and collaborative work is facilitated thanks to access to information. However, access to the data is of course secure and protected in order to guarantee the integrity of the information.

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Many apps available to enhance your tool

By working with Power BI, companies find a notable advantage: working with complementary applications that improve access to data.

Concretely, Power BI combines with a very large number of applications. This makes it possible to process information internal to the Business Intelligence software, but also to process external information through the use of other applications complementary to the use of Power Bi.

Here are some non-exhaustive examples of the available applications:

  • Excel : The combination of Power BI and Excel makes it possible to transfer files from one to the other to create charts or pivot tables from the visual dashboards of Power BI. This has the advantage of using Excel in an innovative way and taking your data analysis to another level.
  • Azure : Azure makes it easy to share and analyze data that arrives in large volumes. Combined with Power Bi, Azure is the ideal tool to prepare Big Data. Its use facilitates collaboration between all employees who need access to massive data, such as engineers, analysts and other scientific professions.
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security : Even if Power Bi facilitates the access and sharing of data, it should not be forgotten that data protection is part of the standards and regulatory requirements imposed on companies. That’s why Microsoft Cloud App Security is combined with Power BI to block certain actions that can be dangerous and compromise data integrity.
  • Office 365 : part of the large Microsoft family, Power Bi collaborates naturally with the Office 365 suite. Thus, collaboration and teamwork are fluid, because employees are already familiar with Office 265 applications.
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Accessible everywhere

Power Bi has the advantage of being accessible everywhere. It is an ideal solution for mobile teams or for companies that work on multiple sites.

All media can be used: an engineer on the move can access data from his phone, an analyst can consult his dashboard from his office computer, the manager can see graphic visuals from his tablet in a management meeting.

The Business Intelligence tool also facilitates collaborative work, as it allows teams to work at the same time as any file. This accessibility and ease of use anywhere, anytime is a major advantage for Power BI and saves time for the agile teams that use it.

Microsoft support at the top: a very active Power BI community

By using Power Bi, you are not alone. Indeed, there is a real community around Power BI.

First of all, Microsoft support does not leave any user alone with their questions about this Business Intelligence software. Many resources are available on the internet to answer questions raised by the use of Power BI.

On the other hand, as the democratization of the use of Power BI progresses, a real community made up of several thousand people is available throughout the whole world through the Microsoft portal. Made up of several thousand passionate users, this community is accessible from the Microsoft site. Through a very well-documented forum and enriching and active exchanges, the participants of the community share tips for using the platform, help each other to solve problems encountered or even present new ideas for using Power BI. Being part of the Power BI community means entering the big Microsoft family in a concrete way.


By adopting the Power Bi tool and integrating it into your ERP software , you can take your business to another level. The fluidity of data and the accessibility of the dashboard by your entire team are game changers when it comes to the productivity and the competitiveness of your organization. Dynamics Square definitely help you implement Power BI: contact our specialists to learn more about integrating Power BI into our ERP solutions.