Understanding the IB program in International Schools in Singapore

Every parent aims to provide the best education and the best of everything for their child. Parents even go out of their ways to provide for the child. If you relate to this statement then this article is just for you. If you’re looking for a well-rounded and holistic curriculum that can help your child grow in all aspects then the International Baccalaureate is just what you need. The IB program is globally acclaimed for its international perspective on education that guides students to be global citizens who are focused, determined, creative and open to accepting challenges and innovating.

Every international school in Singapore has to be certified if they want to include the IB program. This certification process is completed by the International Baccalaureate organization that is based in Geneva.

The most ideal schools for the IB program boost the following amenities. They have a well-organized curriculum that meets international standards, the most enriching facilities – within classrooms and beyond them in labs and playgrounds and qualified faculty who lead students to discover their potential and go beyond textbook knowledge and experiment to find their niche. Most international schools Singapore have ticked all these in their checklist.


The IB program in International Schools in Singapore is divided into three parts

  1. IB Primary Years Programme (Designed for Grade 1 – 5)
  2. IB Middle Years Programme (Designed for Grade 6 – 10)
  3. IB Diploma Programme Journey (Designed for Grade 11-12)


Not all International Schools in Singapore offer all 3 parts, some offer the Primary Years Programme and the Diploma Programme and the middle years can be completed through the Cambridge IGCSE board. This programme is also similar to the IB Middle Years Programme so the child is not missing out on anything essential. A good example of such a school is GIIS (Global Indian International School). This prestigious school has the PYP and the DP as part of the diverse curricula that are offered there.


The Primary Years Programme in International Schools in Singapore

As this programme is aimed at the younger lot who are vulnerable and ready to be molded, the main focus is ensuring that the kids love learning and understand that education is an ongoing process. The program helps people understand who they are, what is their role, and how they will organize themselves. They also gain an understanding of the outside world and how things function. This guides them to choose the path they will get on as they graduate and step out.

The PYP gives students agency to learn in a stress-free environment and decipher complex concepts with the help of technology and practical experiences. Each subject is connected to current affairs which helps students stay up-to-date on everything.

The academic subjects include Science, Mathematics, multiple languages and the arts and sports. A balanced and holistic growth programme.


The Middle Years Programme in International Schools in Singapore

The MYP is targeted toward students who have completed their PYP. The students are critical thinkers and reflective learners who are able to connect concepts learnt within the four walls of the classroom to the outside world. These students are inquisitive and are trained well enough to challenge the issues they notice in their immediate surroundings. The programme guides students to take ownership of their own education and chalk out the route of their learning journey.

The students are exposed to the following subjects – Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Technology, multiple languages, the arts and physical education.

The students develop strong personalities and build relationships, understand cultures and globalization, and focus on innovation and development. The students also become more aware of climate change and are able to understand sustainability and everything that it entails. Students can then be taken to the drawing board where they decide how they’re going to stop the chaos and establish peace in the environment.


The Diploma Programme in International Schools in Singapore

The DP prepares students for university-level studies. DP students study 6 subjects. Three are higher level and three at a standard level. Along with these, the students will be assessed throughout the program in International Schools in Singapore. 

Theory of Knowledge: The students have to write an essay of 1200-1600 words on a title which they can choose from 10 options and give a 10-minute presentation on it.

Extended Essay: The student must work on an independent research project of about 3500-4000 words on a subject and topic of their choice.

Creativity, Action, Service: Over 18 months, the students must complete 150 hours doing a sporting activity, a creative activity and a social service.




The IB program at GIIS completes all the above-mentioned criteria and has the PYP and the DP. It helps students perform better, increases their skill-set, makes them multilingual and provides them with more than enough knowledge and skills to study and settle in any part of the world. If this is the kind of life you’re dreaming of for your kid then the Indian Baccalaureate Program in International Schools in Singapore is the right fit for you.