Top Online B2B Companies That Connect Organic Fertilizer Buyer and Importers In 2022

B2B Platforms have provided a chance to connect different buyers, exporters and importers, and wholesalers. The demand for such b2b platforms is growing. Advanced features, authentic services, and deals have made it popular.  The popularity of the B2B business can be proven by the fact that it surpassed the B2C market with $12 trillion. Which is six times bigger than the b2c market. B2b companies offer different businesses to quickly get their company online to cater to the needs of b2b buyers and to grow the business.

B2b brands have now become industry leaders. The top online B2B companies that connect organic fertilizer buyers and importers are discussed below.



eWorldTrade is the fastest-growing b2b platform that offers advanced features and brings all the authentic buyers and sellers on one platform. There are various categories of products on the site. It has operational units in various countries and it is a subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC. It can give a great start to all small and medium-sized businesses. It offers 10 lads to the one who signs up. There are various manufacturers on the site who belong to China, the USA, India, Malaysia, and Pakistan. The biggest trading platform called China Pakistan Economic Corridor is served by eWorldTrade due to the presence of an operational unit in Pakistan. CPEC project has taken a lot of advantage from the services of eWorldTrade. All the products are available at low wholesale rates. It also offers free delivery.


Alibaba came into being in the year 19999 and is known to be the largest b2b marketplace. Alibaba is a big b2b platform that has 900 million active users. These users include b2b,c2c and b2c. The platform offers various features like fund transfers, mobile commerce, digital shopping, and digital auctions. The number of employees is also big. Approximately 50000 people are working in Alibaba. Due to its unmatched services, Alibaba was able to generate a revenue of 100 billion in the last financial year. The number of buyers and sellers is also not less. Alibaba has 160 million buyers and 60 billion sellers. Alibaba can attract many of them due to its user-friendly web portal.


Amazon is a big name in the b2b industry as it offers reliable and authentic services. Amazon has grown from a book-selling store to a b2b platform that offers a variety of products. Amazon had made a revenue of 45.4 billion US dollars in the year 2020. It offers many services and was able to generate huge revenue through its retail, web services, subscriptions, and online and physical stores. The site offers advanced features to facilitate the buyers. Products are placed in alphabetical order to provide ease to the consumers. Moreover, filters can be used to refine the search.

Global Sources

Global Sources ha 10 million international buyers. It is a very old busies company that is present for the last 50 years to connect authentic buyers and sellers. It has connected China with the South East Asia market through Global Sources Electronics.  The global source is a part of the Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition. (SIMM). It works through a customer-centric approach by providing authentic trading solutions to all the traders. It has generated a revenue of 231.7 million back in 2012. That notifies the success of the platform. The website is easy to navigate and it has strict policies for all the buyers and sellers.

India Mart

IndiaMART is a prominent b2b business that has various buyers and sellers from different parts of the world. It has an attractive app that got 10 million downloads. And customer rating shows that it has got 4.7 stars on android. This shows that the platform is admired and used by many buyers and sellers as it is the second-largest b2b site after Alibaba. IndiaMART has 3 million suppliers from all over the world and 2000 employees serving the business.

Ali Express

AliExpress is popular in many parts of the world, especially in Brazil. It is the most used website in Brazil. Ali Express provides an ease to all its traders by extending the services in many different languages. These include Portuguese, Turkish, British, Indonesian, Dutch, German, Polish, Spanish, etc. The reason that attracts many customers to the platform is that it gives the customer the leverage to buy a single item. Buying in bulk is not mandatory. It is a highly authentic platform that verified every buyer and seller and made it mandatory for them to submit their documents for verification.

Made in China

Made in China has various manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and trade agents, which are 6 million in number. It is a huge platform. They are famous for conducting exhibitions that promote trade. Live video streaming is also going on during the exhibition. Made-in-China is run by Focus Technology and is one of the successful websites in the world.

It is a Chinese platform and provides its services in various languages. These languages include German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, English, and Chinese. It caters to the needs of all medium and small-sized businesses and provides them a platform to showcase their products and services. It is operated from Beijing because it has its headquarter in China. DHgate has operational units in another part of the world as well. It includes USA, Philippines, UAE, and India.


B2b business is highly preferred by traders all over the world. Those small and medium-sized businesses who are struggling in building their online presence should get to b2b sites. These sites are highly reliable and credible. They make authentic buyers and sellers meet each other. They have a strict verification process for all the traders who want to get featured on these sites. The world of technology has made business easy and promoted international trade extensively.