RV Wifi Solutions

Top 5 RV WiFi Solutions For All RVer

We all know how frustrating it is when it comes to poor signal in the Wi-Fi of your RV. Sometimes there are slow speeds and no connectivity at all which makes things worse. While RV provides free Wi-Fi,  using it successfully in the RV is a whole different story that comes with its own set of challenges. This is why we have come up with some RV WiFi Solutions.

As far as the internet goes, Wi-Fi in the RV functions similarly to Wi-Fi anywhere. You have a tablet, computer, phone, or any other Wi-Fi-based device, you connect to the Wi-Fi and then use the internet as you would do anywhere. However, one of the biggest differences is where the original signals come from. The internet solutions for an RV is more complicated than for the stationary home and therefore needs careful consideration.

Here are 5 RV newbie tips in which you can make your RV WiFi better

  • Get close to the source

Wi-Fi is a near field signal which means unlike FM, AM, and cell bands, the proximity to the transmitter makes the biggest difference. In this case, the transmitter as a router at the campground office or some access points around the park sends the signal. So you can try to park your RV as close as you can to one of the transmitting source signals for a good speed and quality.

  • Obtain line of sight (LOS)

The Wi-Fi signals that are higher on the radio frequency spectrum then the aforementioned bands line of sight between the transmitter and signal receivers play a significant role in the signal performance. Trees, buildings and even other RVs are some of the obstructions that can block the precious signal from reaching you at its highest potential. So it is important to obtain a line of sight in order to get the best signal.

  • Go outside the RV

One can describe an RV as a faraday cage as it prevents the outside signals from coming inside. Moreover, the campers made of fibreglass, aluminium, and other materials have the potential to degrade the signal quality further; they add to all the furnishing inside the RV and make the problem even worse. When you go outside, it will result in a big improvement in your Wi-Fi connection.

  • Use WiFi A Cellular Hotspot

This option can work when you are in a pinch and really need to get online. Cellular boosters allow you to connect through 3G and 4G /LTE which can then feed specialised routers that transmit the signal over Wi-Fi for different devices. Since you will be using data streaming movies, any heavy downloads can get quite heavy on your pocket.

  • Use a long-range WiFi Kit

A long-range Wi-Fi kit makes it convenient to use the free Wi-Fi hotspot that Walmart, campground offers. When you use an outdoor long-range antenna with the specialised high power wi-fi repeater you can focus in on the hotspot as if you were just a few feet apart from it. The repeater feeds the internet to a router inside the army, thereby bypassing the walls and the faraday cage problem. It will create a new secure and private wireless network for multiple devices such as your TV, laptops, tablets, and phones and you can enjoy your internet at higher speed. A long-range wifi kit is one of the best RV gift ideas too.

These are some of the ways that you can strengthen the Wi-Fi connection in your RV. Following the above mention tips to stay online and connected.


Whether relaxing poolside at an RV resort or boondocking, with the right gear and setup, you can enjoy a steady internet connection almost anywhere. Be it working remotely or road schooling the kids, you can power through the zoom calls or stream videos online easily while camping just anywhere; you just need to have the right plan.