Top 5 Portable Power Stations for Camping

It’s always good to get an expert opinion before making an expensive purchase. You want to be fully informed about what the market has to offer and then commit to a product. The search for the best portable power station for camping falls under this category. Prices for power stations or camping can range from $300 to $2000! What do the budget power stations save on, and what do the high-end power stations offer that make them premium options? We’ll discuss all this and also give you our recommendation for the best power station for camping in this article.

Qualities You Want in a Portable Power Station for Camping

Before we explore the top 5 options, let’s learn about the essential features of a portable power station that is made for camping. Not all power stations are made for outdoor usage. You can tell by their size, weight, and other properties whether they were designed for home use as a power backup or for portable power generation. Some of the best portable power stations for camping are designed for hybrid use, making them well-rounded and value-for-money options.

Here are the features you should look for in a camping power station.


While camping and traveling, you have to move around on foot, and carry all your items by yourself. That is why the portability of the camping battery generators is our number one priority. This includes the overall dimensions of the power station, its weight, and the design. Manufacturers have come up with various ergonomic designs to help you carry your power station for camping. The smaller portable batteries have handles built-in to carry them, while larger models sport wheels and retractable handles to pull along wherever you need them.

Battery Capacity

Based on how long your trip will be, your battery capacity needs to be enough to power your electronics through it. Of course, you could have a portable charging option like solar panels or car port charging, but ideally, your portable camping power supply should last you at least 2 days. Around 500Wh can get the job done for an average user. If there is more than one person, then the battery capacity should be higher.


Staying in the outdoors means having to bear the environment. Just like you prepare yourself, your camping portable power should also be prepared against external conditions such as extreme heat or cold, humidity, rough terrain, etc. While some power stations are built to be especially dust and water-resistant, most power stations have in-built mechanisms to avoid malfunction. If you’re thinking of being close to the water, choose a camping charger station with a waterproof rating.

Our Top 5 Portable Power Stations for Camping

We have based our picks on the special feature each portable power station offers. We’ll be mentioning the reason you should buy these camping battery generators and how they will help you on your trip. Here are 5 Power Stations in no particular order.

GoWatts 700

Power Rating: 700W
Battery Capacity: 577Wh
Weight: 5.8 kgs
Ports: 7
Special Feature: Smallest and Lightest Power Station in the 700W category.

This newcomer to the portable power station game has caught our eye for its astounding portability. It weighs only 5.8 kgs and measures 258mm×175mm×164.5mm. 700 watts of power and 5777Wh of battery make this a perfect travel companion. GoWatts 700 even has 2 built-in LED lights that come in handy when it gets dark. You get 7 ports and solar power charging options. If you’re looking for extremely portable options to power your trip, this might be the best camping power station.

Bluetti AC50S
BLUETTI AC50S Portable Power Station | 300W 500Wh

Power Rating: 300W
Battery Capacity: 500Wh
Weight: 6.0 kgs
Ports: 10
Special Feature: Budget-Friendly

If you want something that’s light on the pocket and can still see you through your trip, then choose the Bluetti AC50S. It provides only 300 watts of power but if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t carry a lot of electronics, it can get the job done pretty well. Bluetti also has compatible solar panels with which you can charge on the go. It comes with a wireless charging pad that makes recharging really easy.

EcoFlow River Max

Power Rating: 600W
Battery Capacity: 576Wh
Weight: 7.7 kgs
Ports: 9
Special Feature: Super-Fast Charging

When it comes to charging time, EcoFlow’s River Max blows its competition out of the water. The 600W power station for camping can charge from 0 to 100% in just 1.6 hours! It has two 288Wh batteries, and you can remove one if you want to lighten the overall power station. You can carry it around easily with the built-in handle on the top. The River Max is a little pricey but a great option overall.

Goal Zero Yeti 500X

Power Rating: 500W
Battery Capacity: 505Wh
Weight: 5.85 kgs
Ports: 6
Special Feature: Premium Look + Mobile Phone App

Choose the Goal Zero Yeti 500X if aesthetics matter the most to you. It sports a premium metallic finish that goes a long way for durability as well. Its premium features do not end there, as the Yeti 500X also has a mobile app through which you can control your camping battery generator. The power station is pretty lightweight but not that many ports, which can be a deal-breaker for some customers.

AUKEY PowerTitan 300

Power Rating: 300W
Battery Capacity: 288Wh
Weight: 6.0 kgs
Ports: 8
Special Feature: Dust and Water Resistance

Aukey is a major player in portable power. They also have a specialized camping portable power supply in the shape of the Power Titan 300. What it lacks in battery capacity, it makes up for in outdoor durability features such as dust and water resistance. The LCD display is one of the most impressive around, and it works really well for campers who like to get rough!

The Best Camping Power Station

These are 5 of the coolest camping portable generators you will find on the market. Our final recommendation would be the GoWatts 700 because of all the extra features it provides. The dual LED lights, 7 output ports, 3 charging options, and the fold-in-handle plus portability make it the best camping power station. You can visit the links to learn more about each of these power stations. Have a great camping experience.