Top 3 parcel lockers companies in the USA: who does business choose?

Until relatively recently, Parcel Lockers were considered a curiosity in the United States, and many companies used classic delivery methods – courier or postal service. However, their convenience and effectiveness cannot be ignored for long. And today, automated boxes are one of the elements of logistics for online stores, marketplaces, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, and delivery services. If you also want to improve your delivery quality and optimize your logistics, you should pay attention to the best companies that specialize in ready-made Parcel Lockers solutions.

TOP 3 companies in the USA producing Parcel Lockers

  1. “Amazon” is a company that needs no introduction. In 2017, the American e-commerce giant launched its own network of Parcel Lockers, The Hub, which are installed in public places and residential complexes. Customers can ship to The Hub not only as Amazon users, but other retailers can also use the network.
  2. “Omnic” is an international company with representative offices in many countries: USA, Latvia, Poland, UAE, Italy, Georgia. “Omnic” specializes in ready-made solutions for business; its scope includes process automation, including the creation of chaine automated Outdoor Parcel Lockers and Parcel Lockers for premises. The company provides services for various businesses, small, medium and large, namely for logistics companies, delivery services, e-commerce, marketplaces, DIY segment, retail, etc.
  3. “SwipBox” – the company appeared on the US market in 2023, but for a reason: at the time of entry, it already had a partnership with DHL Express. The manufacturer “SwipBox” is focused on creating the world’s best user interface for delivering and receiving parcels using parcel machines. Thanks to the combination of intuitive network management software and user-friendly app-controlled parcel machines.

Benefits of using Parcel Lockers


Benefits of self-service lockers for your business:

  • Time flexibility. Availability 24/7 to send and receive mail.
  • Convenience and speed. Easy to use and no need to visit a traditional post office or branch.
  • Proximity to places of residence and work. They are located in convenient locations, such as supermarkets, shopping centers, residential complexes, and transport stops.
  • Save time. No queues at post offices.
  • Tracking and security. The ability to track the status of parcels and a safe place to store sent and received goods.

How to order Parcel Lockers directly from the manufacturer

It is not difficult. On the website of any of the companies mentioned above you will find contacts in your region. Ideally, get a commercial offer from each supplier and compare the conditions. Be sure to also compare the characteristics to see if a particular offer suits your requirements. Ideally, also familiarize yourself with the cases. That is, the availability of projects implemented for projects like yours, even for competitors.

Once you have reviewed the proposals and selected a suitable contractor, check the implementation and implementation timeframes. This data must be specified in the contract.