Flight to Austin
Flight to Austin

Things to do in Austin

Austin is one of Texas’ most vibrant cities, with everything from untamed mountain stages to hip and modern-day bars. It attracts more than 27 million visitors each year and holds a wide range of concerts, festivals, parades, and government events befitting the country’s capital.

It also has a double personality. While it is home to numerous patriotic landmarks and serious memorials, Austin’s unofficial slogan is “Keep Austin Weird,” and it lives up to that promise with unique neighborhoods, colorful murals, mystery speakeasies, and weird stores.

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Greetings from Austin Mural

It’s a painted wall that resembles a cheery, life-sized postcard, and it’s the ideal selfie place for tourists, located in the city’s core. Pictures of renowned Austin sites, including the Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas Tower, are featured on the mural.

It’s free to visit and photograph, so you may pose with it as often as you like to get an Instagram-worthy shot. Step sideways into the Roadhouse Relics studio after you’re finished. The proprietor is the sole one who created the mural, and he sells a wide range of symptoms and symptoms as well as artwork prints as mementos.

Museum of the Weird

The Museum of the Weird is one of Austin’s most unique attractions, with its vibrant colors and mind-bending anomalies. It is the best location in town for finding shrunken heads, melted wax figurines, and gigantic statues of movie monsters. The onslaught on your retinas will begin as soon as you arrive, thanks to its bright yellow dividers and splashy, vintage-fashion posters.

You can next try out strange antiques, psychic trinkets, taxidermy creatures, misshapen skulls, and a variety of other oddities. At the Museum of the Strange, nothing is off bounds. It’s the kind of place where you’ll exit the building, squint into the daylight, and be taken aback by what just happened. Make a schedule for yourself. Excited? Start packing your bags and book a cheap flight to Austin. The city has too much to let you enjoy.

Zilker Park

When you’re surrounded by the rich, colorful landscapes of Zilker Park, you’ll understand why Texas is one of the most attractive states in the country. Wildflowers defend the hills. Nature pathways wind their way through babbling brooks and charming footbridges. Multiple lakes may be found throughout the park, including one all-natural, spring-fed lake with water that is so clean and mild that it is utilized as a swimming hole all year. Hiking, cycling, fishing, canoeing, paddling, and touring the neighborhood gardens and sculpture shows are also popular activities.

If you visit on the weekend, you can take advantage of free public events such as open-air cinema screenings and performances within the park. There are also commercial sports; Zilker Park accommodates anything from music festivals to holiday light shows. Are you looking for something new this weekend? Take a trip to Zilker Park. It’s one of Texas’ most beautiful vistas and a must-see for everyone visiting the state.