Script Error in QuickBooks

The Ongoing Script Error in QuickBooks

Greetings guys! in this article I’ll be investigating about the QuickBooks’ script error message. It is also important to mention that we need to dig out some objective solutions as well. Technically, it occurs because of browser related configurations. If the QuickBooks application is under surveillance in the configuration settings, then it might not behave properly. This problem has occurred in its different versions. Still the solution for each versions differs slightly. Read the entire article for more information on how to terminate the error issue.

What is a script error in QuickBooks?

It’s a kind of error that doesn’t provide clear information on why such error has been sprouting.  It is an error that barres the user from operating on the platform and slows down the updating process. Major part of the time, it is a browser related issue. It can be decoded too.

QuickBooks Script Error in short

QuickBooks is an accounting software that captures lion’s share of the accounting market in the US and Canada. Small scale business uses several things within one platform such as banking, bookkeeping, payroll, inventory, taxation etc. But since it is a software and always subjected to upgradation, error ensues. One such instance of software malfunction is script error in QuickBooks. Majority of the error like this can be solved in the system itself. This issue persists throughout its many versions.

Causes behind Script Error in QuickBooks

Predominantly, the grounds for script error in QuickBooks formulates in the browser, they can be something like this-

  • Malware infection
  • Blocked or disabled script processing feature
  • If the user tries to create an account with numbers that has been used for another account
  • Missing mandatory components of Active X

How do I get rid of script errors in QuickBooks?

Although it’s an error that instantly doesn’t state why it has occurred. There are several approaches to check out why it emanates and how to get rid of it.

You may check out these approaches:

  • Add the official Intuit website as a trusted website in Internet Explorer browser
  • Clear Internet Explorer’s cache data
  • Run Internet Explorer in compatibility view
  • Turn off addons in Internet Explorer
  • Clear SSL certificates from Internet Explorer
  • Set internet Explorer as your default browser
  • Turn off script error notification in the browser settings
  • Add the URL in the error message to the Restricted Websites List in QuickBooks
  • Reinstall Internet Explorer (applicable for Windows 10 users only)

How do I fix a script errors?

If you want to restore the issue of script errors on QuickBooks, there are some necessary steps that you may need to look for, some of them are-

  • Update the web browser
  • Refresh the web page
  • Disable Plug-ins
  • Try to open the web page in another browser
  • Check if other web pages are loading or not
  • Disable the hardware acceleration

Fix script error in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is no different when it comes to the topic of our discussion. Hence, while you may look for extensive and permanent solution, for immediate result you may follow below-

  • Press Windows icon + R keys together for the Run prompt
  • Type inetcpl.cpl in the command box
  • After opening internet options, click on the security tab
  • Now out of the security tab, click on the Trusted sites and then sites
  • After clicking on Sites, a dialog box will appear with an option to add and a URL box. Enter the following URL in the box;
  • After adding the above URL, uncheck the box saying that require server verification for all sites in this zone
  • Next, close the Trusted Sites dialogue box and uncheck the box that says “Enable protected mode” and click OK
  • Next click on the Custom Level button, then go to the section titled Scripting
  • Disable the following, then click OK
  • Active scripting
  • Allow status bar update via script
  • Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows
  • Now relaunch the application

An error has occurred in the script on this page

In order to fix the issue of error message on a particular page, the user can stick to the same instructions that has been expounded above.

QuickBooks script error on startup

If you are preparing for QuickBooks startup in and the script error message pops up, then you may follow the same steps that we have discussed above. Since, it’s a browser relate issue and configurating it according to your QuickBooks needs is the best way to solve the error message issue. All you need to keep in mind to put the software’s authorized website to put on the trusted website list.

Script Error in QuickBooks 2020

In this version, like the bygone versions as well, there is a considerable amount of script error in QuickBooks and the reasons are mentioned here:

  • The user is trying to import data from a non-existent account
  • The user is applying the name and numbers that are already in use
  • Corrupted Windows
  • QuickBooks data file might be damaged

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QuickBooks 2021 script error

Try to add Intuit as one of the trusted sites in the in the Internet Explorer

  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Click Command, the select Tools
  • Select Internet Options, then go to the Security Tab
  • Click Trusted sites, and click the sites
  • In the add this website to the zone filed, enter *, and then click add
  • In the trusted sites window, uncheck Require server verification for all sites in this zone
  • Close the trusted sites window, then uncheck Enable Protected Mode
  • Close the browser

After the above steps we need to disable addons on the Internet Explorer, for this-

  • Launch the browser and then click Command
  • Select Tools, then click Internet Options
  • Go to Programs and then click Manager addons
  • Select disable add-ons, then click OK
  • Finally clear Internet Explorer’s cache data

QuickBooks script error code 0

If you have encountered the script error code 0, removing the notifications for script error and adding Intuit to trusted sites, is the solution to resolve this particular error message. Here’s how to obtain Desktop support-

  • Go to the Help menu and select QuickBooks Desktop Help
  • On the search box, type in Phone support and hit Enter
  • From the result, click on Contact us link
  • Then write on Tell us more about your question section and click Search
  • Click the Start a Message button

What causes script error?

When the user tries to load a web page on Internet Explorer or your default bowser via QuickBooks many at times this access fails and a box pops up as script error in QuickBooks Desktop. The primary cause for this is the underlying issue in JavaScript or VBScript codes. This error barres the QuickBooks software to download any information from the online server.


In conclusion we can say that QuickBooks software is a valuable asset to every small-scale business. The error messages are an occasional problem that the user must face. However, it is not much of a big deal. It can be solved easily with help from online. The QuickBooks product has an authorized website to resolve all your issue regarding this, named The readers may check out the website for more information.


This article explicates about the very popular QuickBooks script error. It further develops the hypothesis for what are the conditions pushes the software to act so. It also gives varieties of options to fix the error issue.


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