The Importance of Student’s Motivation for Academic Achievement

Importance of Students' Motivation for Academic Achievement
Importance of Students' Motivation for Academic Achievement

Motivation always plays the main character in achieving any desire, result, or action. Whether at an education level or professional level.  Motivation is always there when a person is trying to achieve any desired goal in their life of education. However, a significant part of the motivation is involved in a student’s life. It is because setting up motives and achieving them is important for students. Although academic education is a little more complex than you think for a student, students have a lot of burdens nowadays. Teachers are ultimately assigning tasks, tests, and assignments to students.

Many students lost their way to motivation or achieving good grades in their exams due to the increase in burden. But, the primary purpose of teachers for assigning a lot of work is to prepare students for exams or learn new skills. However, motivation is always the basic need of every student to keep learning new skills or even prepare for their exams. With the help of motivation, students are capable of bringing improvements in their results. Even for daily assignments, a student requires motivation. Else many students hire assignment writing services and do not consider learning new skills.

This article aims to define the brief importance of motivation in a student’s life. Along with the leading role, motivation plays for every student in achieving their educational goals. It affects many ways to influence students and push them to get higher academic education to improve their lives. In this article, we will discuss the role and impact of motivation in every student’s life, along with lightening up more different factors. So, if you are a parent, teacher, or student by yourself and reading this article, this will be a tremendously helpful guide for your journey. 

What is motivation, and why is it even required for academic education?

Motivation is a word that defines dedication, passion, and the ability to achieve desired goals. The expert researchers describe motivation in four aspects, depending on the situation. There can be many reasons for achieving the desired goals, but motivation is the primary source. Additionally, you can feel inspiration through many aspects of the situation. It can be natural or external motivation. Anger, intent, and tools are also somehow connected to motivation. For example, motivation may depend on effort, power, or competition. Additionally, it can depend on anger, concerns, compliments, academic achievement, insults, or more. There can be countless reasons to feel the motivation, but it is helpful in many ways. 

In order to achieve the desired goal or perform a specific task, three things combine to become a firm decision for achieving that specific goal. First, there are always reasons, goals, emotions, and inspiration to accomplish a specific task. Many researchers have proven that motivation should be central to a student’s life or academic education. It is because motivation establishes a great connection in learning new skills and behaviors. However, hard work and effort are also involved in the student’s achievements. Additionally, teachers are also helpful in increasing the inspiration level of students.

There are many professional teachers who can do deep research and perform their duty so that they can understand their students. Such teachers can find out the students’ hobbies, passions, and interests. Then start describing the educational topics supporting their student’s hobbies or passions. It helps students build excellent motivation levels, and it eventually impacts their performance. Such students who keep their inspiration level high to get a higher education are great. They are able to achieve great success in their life; they keep themselves oriented on their life goals and achieve them in time. 

The impact of motivation on the student’s academic achievements and performance

Everyone in this world is continuously making efforts and doing the things they like or trying to achieve the desired goal. Similarly, every student is looking to achieve the desired goal. It can be preparing for exams, learning coursework for knowledge, learning a new skill, or might be doing an assignment they need. There are many different factors which push us to learn skills. It is also helpful in influencing us to gain more knowledge and growth. However, motivation is always the biggest game changer. Because it helps students achieve good grades in exams, learn new skills, and do the assignments on their own or more.

Whenever an academic year ends in school, college, or university. So mostly, the parents and teachers of students whose performance was down the whole year complain about only one thing. That thing is a lack of inspiration, the students cannot involve themselves in learning skills and preparing for exams. So parents and teachers need to take care of and look after students the whole year. Analyzing a student’s do my assignments can help to deal with them.

As we have learned in the depth of understanding motivation, there are more things to learn about it. Furthermore, we will learn about the impact that motivation has on a student’s achievement or performance. Curiosity is also a factor that pushes to build motivation or increases the inspiration level. A student can be curious or eager to learn, participate and do the hard work for their growth. Willpower matters the most in everything, and a person can do everything when they have willpower. If any student is unwilling to do anything, it becomes difficult for them to tackle things. 

1. The effect of motivation on the psychological and mental state of mind

Motivation plays an important role in a human’s mental health. However, when it comes to growth, people cannot increase their motivation level in themselves to the fullest potential of it. It affects the thinking level of a person. The way a person pays attention to specific details and tries to learn something new is all because of ambitions. Even if it is a fact, and if a human might not feel motivated, it can also affect them negatively. 

For students, motivation helps to keep their minds active. It also reminds them that their primary purpose is to learn new skills, get good grades in academic education, and more. In addition, motivation is a part of memorization and helps students remember their primary purpose.

2. It affects the student’s achievement level of a learner

If students do the things or perform activities they like, they are more likely to do more great things. It is a fact that if a student or a person does not feel the need or desire to do it, then they won’t. But, in this case, the teacher can keep a prize or an award for the student who can achieve a dedicated goal. Such actions improve the student’s inner motivation level and encourage them to do more for it. Teachers are sharp enough, and they must know all the tactics to get the required motivation from every student.

Teachers must try and test other initiatives to bring the inspiration level of every student up. They should try awakening their curiosity by setting up goals for them. Teachers are also required to make sure by doing such things that the students are even active in learning. However, external motivation can be a great source of success for teachers. With the help of external motivation, students can do their decided task to achieve the award the teacher has kept for them. It is because students might enjoy the prize or awards that you will offer them to do so it is really helpful for many things. 

3. Motivation affects student’s level of energy and determination

Motivation helps lift enthusiasm about the activities or tasks assigned to students. The teacher’s primary purpose in motivating students is to make them prepare and do tasks to their full potential. The students can do all the tasks when motivated to do them with their whole energy, time, and resources. Motivation helps students achieve goals with determination even when they might not feel like doing it or don’t want to do it. It will also make multiple more things clear if they can do such activities compulsorily or voluntarily.  


4. It affects the behavior and perceptions of students or learners

Encouraging students to handle and look after moral problems can be challenging. But, it should not help with handling their worse attitudes and bad habits. Motivation can also help you improve the behavior of students and their ability to think as a learner. It is an excellent way for teachers to handle or help align the understanding levels of students. With the help of spreading motivation, teachers can help students learn and master discipline. The students can also learn their limitations or handle themselves by maintaining discipline.


There are millions more ways in which motivation may affect the performance. It can affect student’s both professional and personal lives. So, teachers and parents must keep checking on the students and their children. Discussing and talking to them can bring the motivation level up and down whenever needed. If your students are not feeling motivated by themselves, it is more likely that this will impact their lives in many ways. It will also impact their career in many ways. So, it is the right time to check and help them feel inspired to do certain things in their life.