The Best Platforms For YouTube Music Promotion Service
The Best Platforms For YouTube Music Promotion Service

The Best Platforms For YouTube Music Promotion Services

Since you must do it, YouTube music promotion service shouldn’t be your least important priority. You’ve probably heard a lot about how difficult it can be to promote music. We’ll go over the many platforms for YouTube music promotion services in this tutorial to help you choose them more wisely:

1. Promozle

For individuals who want to promote their music and songs, Promozle is a terrific platform. Among its network of musicians and record labels, this platform has promoted the spread of music, making it simpler to search for or browse through individuals who have similar musical likes. The ability to collaborate with other artists directly on Promozle is another benefit of the platform.

2. Mixcloud

An individual can post his music to Mixcloud if he wishes them to be shared. Real-time communication between users and listeners is also possible. Due to the fact that only active accounts are granted this option, having your account verified will help your profile appear more legitimate and reputable if you want greater exposure.

3. Video Boosters Club

Through the creation of multiple channels on the site itself, Video Boosters Club offers musicians a means to increase their exposure. It enables users to display the music they want the public to hear and watch. This platform has the advantage of instantly listing your tracks on YouTube for quick public access. Isn’t that wonderful?

4. Soundclick

Although Soundclick may not be as well-known as the other websites on this list, it might still be very useful if you’re seeking for an alternative. Through this service, users who would not normally be able to connect with major labels can do so directly. You can also upload your tracks for no charge.

5. YouTube

Whether it’s a lyric video or an official music video, YouTube has become a popular promotional tool for many musicians. This is due to the fact that YouTube has more users than any other platform on the internet when it comes to music videos, with millions of people seeing them every day. Additionally, on YouTube, you can simply avoid advertising your work by either creating playlists of your uploaded music or buying adverts, in contrast to Soundcloud, where you must pay a $10 monthly charge just to promote your work on its network. You may engage your viewers and followers more by uploading lyric videos as opposed to ordinary ones.

6. Twitter

Twitter is a highly well-liked social networking site that you may use to advertise your music and connect with additional listeners and potential followers. To get others to listen to your music, all you need to do is follow the appropriate accounts, engage with them, and share links to it. Because there are millions of tweets written every day, it also helps if you utilise hashtags for each post to make it easier for people to find the message. Links from YouTube and other websites can also be shared. This will increase your exposure beyond what Soundcloud offers, which is not surprising given that Twitter has a higher user activity rate than Soundcloud.

7. Facebook

Facebook is an excellent platform for distributing links to your music, much like Twitter is. It makes it simple to construct personalised link shorteners, enabling users to share URLs without disclosing private information, unlike Twitter. The only thing that is a little challenging is coming up with compelling cover art for the song, but if you want attractive covers, there are websites out there that can assist you with that, based on your preferred musical genre or album artwork. You also have access to advertising options that make it simple for you to advertise your work.

8. Distrokid

Distrokid is an internet site created just for musicians who only want to sell music digitally without using any other platforms for promotion like iTunes or Spotify. You can sell your songs on all of the accessible online music stores for a $19 monthly subscription. Distrokid also permits limitless uploads, so you may routinely release EPs or albums without having to worry about wasting money on storage space.

9. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a website made for musicians who are just starting out in the business and want a simple way to grow their fan base by constantly releasing free content or paying for it if they feel like it. It has standard functionality like every other website. Its format, which allows users to access tracks from the website itself rather than from another location, sets it apart from the competition and makes it simpler for users to purchase songs online. If you choose, you can sell your products directly through Bandcamp rather than through more popular online stores like iTunes.

10. Hype Generator

It is a website for those who desire to popularise and gain recognition for their music, as you can infer from the name. It is more like a website than an internet service where you can simply find new music by following your favourite artists or listening to recommendations from individuals who share your tastes. You may also submit your songs here if you first register (it’s free). The advantage of this website is that it only displays the most popular songs, saving you from negative publicity if your song isn’t among them.

11. Beatport

Because Beatport enables independent electronic musicians to participate in the remix competition where they may create their own versions of popular songs, much like it does on MTV’s Amp 2.0, it is one of the most significant platforms available to them. If you have the talent to produce incredible remixes or even original work that will help you establish your reputation as an electronic musician, there is an opportunity for you to have you promote your music video through the use of this website’s various contests.

12. MySpace

Does MySpace still exist? Yes, it is because many listeners stay around here and constantly listen to new tunes, even though it isn’t at its top anymore due to constant changes made by its management team. If you’re an independent band or just a solo artist, you can easily create buzz here by directly promoting your music or by asking adverts. If you’re familiar with the market and its regulations, you’ll gain more admirers than if you use other platforms.


Over the years, the music industry has grown tremendously, enabling gifted performers with lofty goals to ultimately realise them. Whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned pro, modern technology makes it simpler than ever before to publish your songs online. By utilising these networks, you may rapidly grow your audience and fan base.