daith earrings gold
daith earrings gold

The best jewelry for daith earrings

Daith earrings are currently one of the biggest trends in ear piercing. Unique and stylish, Daith is a great way to instantly catch your eye and express your personality. And with so many ways to sort through daith earrings, choosing the right piece of jewelry can be challenging.

What are daith earrings?

The location of a daith earrings.

Located in the inner fold of your ear, it is called daith earrings because the hole passes through the part of your ear that is known as daith. This area is made up of a thick fold of cartilage just above the ear canal.

Daith earrings are more expensive than many other types of ear piercings because they require more skill and are more complicated to perform than piercing the ear lobe. This is why it is very important to find the right piercer to make sure the work is done clearly and to reduce bleeding and pain.

The best jewelry for daith earrings

When it comes to daith earrings, you have several jewelry options to choose from. Whether you want cool, less obvious daith jewelry or something shiny and eye-catching, there is something for every style.

Daith earrings hoops

Hoops are a versatile and easy-to-wear type of jewelry and it is probably the most common type of jewelry that is chosen for diet piercing. These come in a variety of designs, with captive bead rings, segmented rings, and seamless rings some popular options. Captive or fixed bead rings are usually chosen for fresh diet piercings because they are easier to clean, can sit comfortably in your ears, and generally cause less discomfort.

Hoops are suitable for this type of perforation and many experts recommend using hoop jewelry especially when daith earrings are still in the healing process.

Daith earrings clicker ring

Clicker rings are commonly used for diet jewelry and can also be used in septum holes. These are either perfectly round or semi-round. Usually, the metal of the hinged part that goes through the piercing is of a smaller gauge, while the outer, decorative part is larger and contains stones and other ornaments.

Daith Clicker is a favorite choice for many who pierce their ears and its versatility allows for many design options. You can choose diamonds and gemstones in your ring to add color and sophistication. This type of plain metal clicker ring is also a nice choice because metallic designs can be detailed and unique.

However, clickers are not always recommended for fresh piercings. These can be quite heavy depending on the design and there can also be a lot of movement with this type of diet jewelry, which can be uncomfortable especially when you are trying to sleep. Clickers are usually quite decorative and can be difficult to clean, especially in the early months of healing, and if not cleaned well the risk of infection increases.

You can choose a thin gauge clicker for a new hole but as always, your piercer will be able to help you with the right option.

Daith heart-shaped ring

Heart-shaped diet jewelry is a very beautiful choice and looks great on any ear. It mimics the curve of the ear, which is part of its application. Heart-shaped diet jewelry is often chosen by perforators for new holes because it is easy to clean and wear.

Since the design has no hinges and is seamless, this type of diet jewelry is smooth and has fewer nails that can collect bacteria.

Daith Barbell Jewelry

Barbells come in a few different designs, such as round barbells, curved barbells, and straight barbells.

Once your daith earrings are completely cured, a barbell is a great option but not recommended for fresh piercings. This is because this type of jewelry can get stuck in clothes and sheets which can further widen the pores and prolong the healing time. Experts suggest starting with ring jewelry and then changing to barbells if you want.

The barbell is a stunning choice and looks great in a diet hole. While these can be more difficult to clean, there is also a tendency to put more pressure on a hole and to go backward, these are just beautiful and most people’s favorite daith jewelry.

Daith jewelry metal

It is important to choose the metal of your daith jewelry carefully to avoid infection or allergies. Always choose hypoallergenic or bio-compatible metals such as surgical stainless steel, titanium, and gold.

Daith earrings Pain – Can I Manage It?

Since pain is quite thematic, it is difficult to determine how much damage daith earrings is going to do to you. However, it is also known as one of the more painful types of ear piercing.

This type of perforation can cause discomfort and pain for most people and the tissue in this area is quite thick and thick so it may take a little longer to get through the needle, which can cause more pain when you are in the piercer’s chair.

During the procedure, you will feel an intense, sharp sting as the sweetie goes through the cartilage inside your ear. There is usually a sharp pain after a few hours and the pain can last up to a week.

A large part of the experience of daith earrings pain also depends on your attitude and how you approach the hole. According to a Quora user:

“My daith earrings were more painful than my helix hole, but I think it was partly because I had already mentally exhausted myself. I almost decided not to go through it, but I’m glad I finally got it, it’s my favorite piercing. “

So, going for your daith earrings with a positive and strong emotional attitude will help you deal with the pain and consequences of perforation.

Having said that, there are some recipients who say they have felt zero pain under the piercer’s needle, so again, whether you feel pain from your diet piercing or not is quite thematic.

Daith earrings aftercare

Daith earrings take a long time to heal, sometimes it takes up to 12 months for the ear to heal completely. It is quite common in cartilage perforation.

In addition, much later care is required for daith holes because infections are common.

You need to take care of your new perforation, especially in the early months, and clean it according to your perforator’s instructions. It’s best not to sleep on the hole for the first few months to make it worse.

Can daith earrings Cure Migraine?

Many people claim that diet piercing can help reduce migraines. Headaches which is why some people just get pierced for this reason. At this stage, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. And there is intense debate over whether Diet really helps with migraines.

Ear piercings, from culture to fashion

In ancient times people pierced their ears as part of their religious tradition. It is also mentioned in the Bible. In the ancient cultures of some Asian and African countries, this tradition was very common.

Ear piercings were restricted to women before the 19th century, but later men also adopted ear piercings and this became an important part of their fashion statement. Ear piercing is the most common form of body piercing.

This can be done in different parts of your ear. Some common forms of ear piercing are discussed below:

1) Ear piercing: Piercing the earlobe takes less time to heal than other types of piercing. This type of perforation usually takes 5 to 6 weeks. This makes it the most common form.

2) Horizontal lobe holes: When people want to wear barbells on their ears, horizontal lobe holes are used. This is done horizontally and parallel to the earlobe.

3) Rook piercing: Rook is located in the upper part of the ear. It is one of the densest parts of the ear. Not everyone can do rook piercing because it takes a lot of time to heal and requires relatively more space to drill.

4) Some other types of holes include – art, helix, die, tragus and anti-tragus, etc.

Infection after perforation is very common, so proper care is needed to avoid any discomfort. The perforated area should be washed with saline solution 1-2 times a day and the perforated area should not be touched repeatedly with dirty or unwashed hands.

Ear piercings may or may not be appropriate for someone. It depends on the structure of the human body and face. Ear piercing is common in some cultures and may be foreign to others. Perforation should be done keeping in mind all the issues.

Daith piercings

Daith is a part of your ear that is made up entirely of cartilage. And it is the outer part of the cartilage rim closest to the head. Many people do not pierce the diet, and even less think that it is a perforated area of ​​the body, but rest assured, the daith is piercing and it looks great!

Cartilage is nothing but connective tissue and daith is no exception. Although placed over the ear (and slightly inside), the Daith Hole will in no way affect your hearing or your balance. Not too much nerve flows through the die. Yet many people who get this whole report a decent amount of uncomfortable pressure, although it is usually used to secure a perforated area from the clamp. Bleeding can occur with this perforation. Not because of the perforation process because many people are very careless with their ears.

 New piercings, especially in cartilage, are very susceptible to abuse, so keep a cell phone against your diet, use a Q-tip very strictly, shake your newly pierced ear with an iPod headphone (or any headphone), or put your hand against your ear. Press. Too hard will irritate your pores and it can bleed. The diet is in a complicated place (for the ears – in the huge scheme of things. It is almost not the most complex hole available) so if you are considering a diet hole. Make sure you are very careful and protective of it for at least three to six months!

Extending the diet would be extremely painful

So measuring it would not be recommended by any professional or reputable piercer. Most jewelry used in daith piercings is captive bead rings (and this type of jewelry helps in the healing process because it is harder to deposit) although other types of jewelry such as curved or round barbells may be appropriate. Of course, don’t even think about replacing the jewelry until it’s completely healed – which can take anywhere from three months to a year – and even then. The shape of your particular ear may not be appropriate for the size of the barbell in this position.

Aftercare is quite standard for piercing a cartilage ear: soak it in warm salt water. Never touch it with your soft hands, never use rubbing alcohol or Neosporin on it. And never use headphones that need to be inserted into the ear (there are plenty on the market Which will not bother your pores), and use very gently with your overall ear. In case of infection, maintain your aftercare routine, but see your piercer for more advice. Sometimes, gently rubbing tea tree oil helps with swelling and infection, but talk to your peer first. With proper care management and care, your diet hole will heal in no time!

Where to buy Daith Jewelry

If you’re buying Daith Jewelry online, we suggest you start searching on Etsy and Amazon. With an endless range of designs and prices, you are sure to find your favorite diet pieces here.


If you’re looking for a handmade or unique alternative, Etsy is probably a place you shouldn’t miss. You can find several independent jewelry boutiques on Etsy, each with its own Daith Jewelry. Every Etsy store has its own policy so it may take some time to review all their details before making a purchase, but it usually takes time.


Since it is one of the largest online retailers worldwide. It is not surprising that you can find all kinds of diet jewelry on Amazon. Many jewelry retailers offer their products through Amazon and you can use the site’s extensive rating. Review sections to determine the quality of each product. We’re sure you’ll find some amazing diet pieces here.

With all the Daith Jewelry options available, it can be hard to limit yourself when shopping online! So why not splurge and treat yourself?

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