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Sustainability Conference 2021

Check out ourupcoming Sustainability Conferences in 2021 – Debate-driven, focused business conferences tackling critical sustainability challenges around the world

IF is a purpose driven business based in London. Our people have collectively worked in sustainability for decades. Our mission is to help make sustainability mainstream in business. As a platform for change, we research, create, and facilitate debate-driven, focused events and discussions tackling the critical business sustainability challenges around the world. We support this work with online publishing, analysis and in-depth research into challenges we know are essential for business innovation towards sustainability, the circular economy, improved resilience and regeneration.
This two-day business forum will assess how companies can develop and implement robust human rights policies. We’ll look in-depth into the practicalities of supply chain transformation and what this means for the future of (ethical) trade.
Through off-the-record debate, expert practitioners will discuss the biggest challenges as businesses adapt practices to comply with rapidly evolving legislation and ensure ethical, responsible and transparent supply chains.
This virtual three-day business conference will address how brands can adapt practices to move towards regenerative apparel and deliver on growing stakeholder expectations. We’ll equip delegates with the best-practice and guidance to develop net-zero strategies, transform supply chains, engage consumers, scale circularity, and drive positive social impacts.

Social impact

How to tackle the challenges in ensuring a truly ethical supply chain and delivering a clear, positive impact for workers

Environmental performance

The leading practices to implement circularity, drive regenerative agriculture, and take effective action on climate to achieve net-zero targets

Factory engagement and manufacturing

Brand and factory perspectives on how best to transform factories and the manufacturing process to ensure sustainable and ethical supply

Consumer trust and expectations

How to genuinely engage consumers in sustainable fashion and translate current and emerging trends into effective corporate strategy

This virtual business conference will highlight the practical steps key actors can take to build more sustainable and resilient food systems. We’ll bring together leading brands and the right stakeholders to identify the main areas of opportunity and innovation within the food and beverage industry.

Climate action

How business can drive effective climate action throughout agricultural supply chains and reduce environmental impact in line with net zero targets

Regenerative food

What a regenerative food business looks like in practice and the realities on-the-ground of the shift from ‘less harm’ to ‘more good’

Sustainable nutrition

The role business can play in a just transition to ensure sustainable nutrition and the right to food for all

Farming, land-use and nature

Cross commodity insights into the on-farm technologies and practices that can boost farmer livelihoods and drive sustainable food production

Traceability, transparency and trust

The latest technologies and innovations that can drive resilience, build trust and define the future of food
In this 3-day virtual conference we will discuss and debate how business can lower costs, improve margins and drive supplier innovation.
We’ll also discuss in detail the practical steps to deliver on tough Scope 3 climate targets through innovation, natural climate solutions and cross sector collaboration.