Start Soy Candle Business Or Hobby With Tea Lights – Great For Beginners

Soy candle wax tea lights are a great idea for the beginner and a fun place to begin developing your candle making skills.

The soy tea light candle will burn its fuel source out quicker than larger candles, so you will have more opportunity to try different candle fragrances, and develop your candle making skills. This concept holds true for the hobbyist, or anyone wanting to start making money by developing their own home based candle business.

Getting an even burn is relatively simple. Tea lights can achieve a complete melt pool and be extinguished in less than 12 minutes. Depending upon the diameter size, larger candles need to remain lit for considerably longer periods of time before the melt pool reaches across the container. The melt pool is very important on the initial lighting, because when candles are extinguished too quickly tend to tunnel.

Beginners find scented soy candle tea lights easy to start with, because they are relatively simple, and they have standard matched candle wicks. As an added bonus, these little candles will burn roughly 6-8 hours.

Containers and wicks can be purchased in small quantities. Both light weight, and small, shipping and handling on tea lights candle cups are relatively cheap. Candle tins and glass containers weight more, and as a result cost more to ship the added weight.

When you want to test a fragrance blend you have made, tea lights are perfect since they will not require a full pound of candle wax, saving you from a costly mistake. (Just in case you have made a mistake.)

Soy candle tealights cool down, and cure quicker than larger container candles. One of favorite candle fragrances I have recently used releases the aromatics of the essential oil Sandalwood Amber 1.

Scented soy candles also make really great gift ideas. Think of the word cute.

Take a collection of 12 tea lights, and pack them into a gift box, tie up the box with pretty ribbons. Or select 4 color candles and 4 fragrances; pack them to display the different colors, and fragrances when once the lid is lifted.

Soy tea lights make great gifts to go with tea light diffusers, or tart burners. In fact, I like to make a romantic collection of tea lights, and tarts in matching fragrances to add to the gift basket or gift box that will holding the tart burner, when giving them for gifts.

You can buy decorative bags to put your tea light candle gifts into, or even make them yourself. Try using organza, tulle or nylon netting to make bags to hold your soy candles. Each gift bag can be customized to go with a color, scent, even a ribbon selected to match and enhance the wrapping. Sophisticated organza bags holding 12 tea lights make beautiful additions to any setting simply because they can be tucked them into place amongst surroundings, where they will continue to exude their subtle aromatic presences.

Make sophisticated looking organza bags tied up with ribbons to hold all of your drawer fresheners. Gift card could suggest uses, like tucking candles into drawers, or on the top guest towels laid out in the bedroom or guests bathroom. How about taking satin padded hangers, and tying the organza tea light to the hanger by the ribbons. These could even be made and given as gifts or sold as sets in gift boxes.

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