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Safe Oral Medicine for Diabetic Patients Who Suffering from Impotence


Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder in males. In this stage, patients can perform satisfying sex due to erection problems. Ed primarily damages penis vessels by making them weaker and thinner. As a result, sufficient blood doesn’t flow for a firm erection. ED mainly depends on patients’ biological, physiological and social health. However, certain diseases, medications, and surgery trigger ED in most patients. Indeed, diabetic patients suffer more from this sexual dysfunction. The report says the possibilities are 50%-60% for diabetic patients 50 or above years old. So below are the safe oral medicines for diabetic patients with impotence.


Impotence in Diabetic Patients

Primarily type II diabetes damages internal organs more. The most common are nerves and vessels. High content blood sugar creates blockage on your internal pathways. As a result, sufficient blood doesn’t flow throughout the body, including the penis. Most diabetic patients can’t get a firm erection during sex. Slow blood flow, damaged penis vessels, and high blood sugar content are the main reasons behind impotence in diabetic patients. For that reason, performing some healthy activities is crucial for the following surfers. Oral ED drugs are the best solution in this case. So here are the drugs for impotence in diabetic patients.


Safe Oral Medicines to Diabetic Patients for Impotence

Recommended drugs are approved by the foods and drugs administration. Doctors safely suggest taking these tablets for erectile dysfunction (impotence) patients. Still, patients should consult with experts before taking any ED medications: 

Viagra (sildenafil)

This is the most popular ED medication for patients. Viagra is an oral drug that contains sildenafil citrate as a primary compound. 30-60 min before sex is the ideal time for taking these pills. Viagra is the trading name of sildenafil drugs. Multiple strengths are available for viagra, like 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. Patients should take one sildenafil drug within 24 hours. Indeed, the tablets should be consumed only when needed. Try to consult with a doctor to get your accurate doses.

Cenforce (Tadalafil)

Tadalafil is the chemical compound in cenforce drugs. Indeed these ED tablets take daily 60 min before sex. 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 100mg are the typical strengths of these oral medicines. Cenforce 100 primarily works best for long time use. Patients who take tadalafil daily for two years get the most promising results. Doctors never suggest taking more than 20mg cenforce within 24 hours. Opposite to viagra, cenforce can last up to 36 hours in your function. 

Levitra (Vardenafil)

Vardenafil is the primary compound in Levitra drugs. This is also an oral pill that you swallow with a glass of water. Levitra should take only when needed, 60 min before sex. Do not double the doses within 24 hours. Vardenafil drugs take 30 min to kick start the erection. In contrast, the effect of these tablets can last up to 4 hours.

Before taking any ED medications, patients should follow the doctor’s guidelines. Remember, these drugs contain potent chemical compounds involved with several side effects.


How ED medication works for diabetic patients

The following ED drugs are known as PDE-5 inhibitors. Indeed, these are a group of medicines that regulate certain enzymes in the patient’s body. The following tablets relax muscles and boost blood flow in the penis in simple terms. It helps to get a firm erection for better sexual activity. Drugs like Viagra work best for quick and long-lasting results. Patients can perform multiple sexes after taking these tablets.


Common side effects of ED medications for diabetic patients

ED medications have fewer common side effects that may not last more than days. Still, there are possibilities of getting permanent health issues. Try to consult with doctors to avoid additional health damage.

  •       Headache
  •       Continued Pain
  •       Dizziness
  •       Vision changes
  •       Flushes
  •       insomnia
  •       stuffy nose,
  •       nosebleed
  •       muscle or back pain,
  •       upset stomach


Warnings – ED (impotence) medications for diabetic patients

Before starting ED drugs, try to follow guidelines strictly. Otherwise, the drug may occur with several side effects in the future.

Home healthcare nurse reviews medication with patient

  •       Do not overdose on the tablet without notifying the doctor
  •       Try to swallow the whole pill without breaking or chewing
  •       Keep regularity while taking ED medications
  •       Avoid performing heavy during work after taking the following drugs
  •       Diabetic patients should consult before taking any ED medications
  •       Avoid taking grapefruit juice right before the drugs
  •       Doses vary based on patients’ health
  •       ED medications do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases like HIV
  •       Never take multiple ED drugs at the same time
  •       Take a doctor’s help if you have a serious illness like heart problems, kidney failure, etc
  •       Take immediate consultation if the erection lasts more than 4 hours



So above are the Safe oral medicines for diabetic patients for impotence. Remember, ED (impotence) is common for most diabetic patients. Besides, there is a risk of getting side effects if you are a diabetic patient. Still, medicines are the best solution for such cases. Indeed, the doctor’s consultation is mandatory to avoid additional health damages.




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