Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology – What Is It Decoded Right Here.

I am not like my sister! I am very different from my twin! Even though we are siblings, we do not have similar interests.

You must have heard such statements time and again from people. This is clear proof that we are all unique individuals. This means we also have different personalities, likes, dislikes, choices and achievements. Subsequently, it also means that we also have a unique birth chart. The position of planets, signs and houses, all carve the passage to the events that would take place in our lives. The combination of the environment and your natal charts forms a new circumstance that decides your future moves and results.

According to the astrologer in UK, when two people come together in love, union or a relationship, the combination of their stars creates a special bond. The energies of people combine and depending on the compatibility, the future of the relationship lies.

Here are a few points that astrologer in UK or other countries keep in mind when they look at relationship astrology.

House Combination Or Overlays

When you meet someone, the first impression of the connection you feel for them all results from the house combination created with the union of your houses. Ever wondered that there are some with whom you hit it off perfectly when you meet people, while there are others with whom things do not go well. It is all due to the planetary position, the combination of energies, etc.

The Aspects Between The Two Charts

Approaching an astrologer in UK or any other part of the world would inform you about the impact of astrological energies and how it would affect or change your aspect when two people meet. The combination of the aspects between two plays a vital role in determining the future of their love relationship. Various combinations are to be considered- between planets, signs, etc.

Relationship Potential

Each relationship holds a particular expectation and future, which determines its fate and whether it would work out or not. So, when two people think of a relationship or future together, their relationship potential and expectancy can be analyzed by the best astrologer in UK or others available on the app like Astroyogi.

Soulmate Astrology

We all look out for a soulmate who is just meant for us. But in the quest to find the right one, we often come across some who teach us a lesson, play a small role in our lives or give us bitter experiences. With the help of an expert astrologer, if you want to know about the status of your current relationship, then speaking to the expert astrologer is the best option.

Sexual Attraction Analysis

Relationships play a vital role in our lives. If we are in a happy relationship, we automatically excel at every front of our lives because we are happy. This is only possible when the combination of energies between two people and the planetary position in their respective charts is favorable. Ever wondered, despite giving your all, you ended having tiffs in the relationship? It is all due to the relationship between astrology. If you get it checked or analyzed by an expert, you can make things better.

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