Odor control misting system for livestock farm

When we carry out routine deodorization, we can use the odor control misting systems to improve the environment long-term and effective way.


As we all know, whether it is a pig farm or a chicken farm, as long as you talk about a farm, it gives the impression that it is dirty, messy, and smelly. There are usually unpleasant odors and odors in the farms, which are mainly caused by animal excretion. The accumulation of feces will produce harmful gases, mainly composed of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, skatole, etc. These toxic gases are foul and have a specific impact on animals, which can cause their resistance to decrease. From the light to the appetite, it affects weight gain, hinders production performance, and can cause various diseases and even death. Moreover, if the farmers stay in this environment for a long time, their health will also be influenced.


Therefore, it is necessary to deodorize the breeding farm livestock. In the traditional deodorization air treatment method, farmers usually adopt ventilation methods in summer to install exhaust fans. Exhausting the odor to reduce the smell in the breeding farms, treat the symptoms and not the root cause, not only is the deodorization effect not good but also causes the pollution of the surrounding environment, which is complained by nearby residents. To keep warm, the farm usually seals the livestock house. At this time, the ammonia concentration in the place will gradually increase. Even if the number of manure removal is increased, the deodorization effect of the farm is not good.


The working principle of the misting system is, use ultrasonic technology to remove the odor in the air at a livestock farm, bringing the fresh air to every corner to achieve the purpose of deodorization. It does not rely on a solid fragrance to suppress the odor and peculiar smell, but by decomposing the odor molecules and unconventional smell molecules to fundamentally deodorize and remove strange smells and not cause secondary pollution. They were floating with natural fragrance! The mist particles quickly vaporize and adsorb and decompose pollution factors to achieve multiple effects such as deodorization, disinfection, dust removal, and cooling, and can remove concrete trace dust in the air and increase air cleanliness. The misting system is also widely used in landscape, cooling, disinfection, and mosquito repellent of garbage dumps and farms.


The application of the misting deodorizing system in the breeding industry has solved the malodor of most breeding plants, solved the surrounding air quality problems, and avoided complaints from the surrounding people.


The odor control misting system is a new type of odor control equipment, which pressurizes the liquid or other chemicals to about 4-7mpa through the filter. It transports the pressurized water to the super through the high-pressure pipeline. The micro-nozzle atomizes, the atomized particles are rapidly increased, and the pollution factors are adsorbed and decomposed to achieve the purpose of disinfection and deodorization. The high-speed operation of the equipment produces a large amount of harmful oxygen ion concentration, which can achieve the effect of purifying the air.


The use-value of the misting system


  • Environmental protection: The mist equipment does not contain chemicals, will not cause secondary pollution, and can genuinely achieve green and environmental protection.
  • High efficiency: The equipment operation can generate many negative oxygen ions, quickly remove odor, reduce COD, BOD5, ammonia, nitrogen, and other indicators, and speed up the degradation of organic matter.
  • Wide adaptability: The misting system has strong adaptability and can adapt to various temperature and pH ranges. In addition to pig farms can also be applied to garbage dumps, sewage plants, paint factories, paint factories, leather factories, petrochemicals, and other occasions.
  • Targeted: The misting technology can be widely used in different fields, different uses, and different polluted environments.
  • Low cost: Compared with other systems, the misting system occupies less space and is not expensive. The total treatment cost and dynamic investment cost are typical, and the use effect is good.