QuickBooks Payroll Issues
QuickBooks Payroll Issues

Necessary steps to deal with QuickBooks Payroll Issues

QuickBooks is the first name that comes into mind when discussing efficient bookkeeping software. It is loaded with various features that assist users with different financial tasks. One of the services that have reduced the user’s effort is the payroll service in QuickBooks. Because of QuickBooks, the users don’t have to worry about employee wages, tax deductions, or managing the data. But we all know that none of the software is inevitable against random errors. QuickBooks Payroll Issues are common in the software while utilising the service. If you also encountered any issues while using or updating payroll, go through the blog to know why they occur and the steps you should take to remove them from your QuickBooks.

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Payroll issues

Many issues can generate while using your payroll that causes the task you are working on to fail. You can face problems with your payroll account, tax deductions, sending payroll data and many other tasks. If the error message says ‘your account is on hold…’ you don’t need to worry because the QuickBooks team needs to review a payroll transaction in your data.

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There are many reasons these issues occur in your QuickBooks. Some of them are listed below-

  1. The internet connection of your system is unstable, making it difficult for QuickBooks to access the internet.
  2. The time & date set on your computer are inaccurate.
  3. Windows Firewall can also block many functions and processes of QuickBooks.
  4. The QuickBooks might develop some issues because of a faulty download or installation.


Some procedures that are useful while fixing these issues are mentioned below-

Solution 1- Make sure your system is connected to a stable internet connection

A lousy internet connection can be a potential reason for this error. QuickBooks won’t be able to execute any tasks without access to the internet. Follow the steps to make sure your internet connection is healthy-

  1. Go to Google on your web browser and type ‘Internet Speed Test’.
  2. Run the test and check if it satisfies QuickBooks requirement of 3Mbps average and 1.5Mbps minimum.

Upgrade your internet connection if it isn’t fast enough to support QuickBooks. You can switch to a wired connection if you aren’t already using it.

Solution 2- Make changes in your firewall settings to stop it from interfering with QuickBooks

A firewall can block QuickBooks access to specific files and restrict it from performing many actions required for payroll to function efficiently. Refer to the steps to configure some settings in the firewall-

  1. Type ‘Windows Defender’ in the search panel present in your taskbar or use the Windows Start button.
  2. Open Windows Defender Firewall in the search results.
  3. Click the Allow an app or a feature through the Windows Defender Firewall option on the left menu.
  4. Select QuickBooks from the list and click Ok.

Use these methods to fix issues occurring while using payroll.


This brings us to the end of the blog, which consists of the causes for QuickBooks Payroll Issues and the methods to counter them. We hope this blog was beneficial and you were able to resolve the payroll issues in your QuickBooks.

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