Natural Testosterone Boosters: Turkesterone vs Tongkat Ali

When it comes to building lean mass, improving muscle, and promoting the natural reduction of fat, using a testosterone supplement will be ideal for you.

However, there’s a hitch.

Currently, there are more than ten different options available out there – and, amongst them, Tongkat Ali and Turkesterone are some of the best.

So, which one should you choose?

That’s what we’re going to answer in this article. So, don’t forget to keep scrolling!

Turkesterone – What Is It All About?

Turkesterone, also known as Turkestanica Extract, is a type of ecdysteroids. Thus, as you can guess, it usually occurs naturally in arthropods and plants. Primarily, they help in building the protective shell of insects and trees.

However, if it’s taken as a form of supplement, it can help you build lean muscle and improve your overall performance along with a proper meal plan. We mean, you can always get the same from quinoa, spinach, and yams. Nonetheless, they don’t contain too much of the same to affect your health.

The Benefits 

When taken in a supplement form, Turkesterone can be pretty beneficial for your health. Please keep reading to know more about them.

  • With this type of steroid, it’ll be easier for you to build your body’s lean muscles quite quickly. This, in turn, can also aid in improving your strength to some extent.
  • Additionally, Turkesterone can also increase your body’s muscle recovery speed. So, it’ll be possible for you to exercise more frequently and improve your physique.
  • Finally, with Turkesterone, you can increase your overall strength as well. However, for that, you’ll need to consume the supplement regularly, as advised by your doctor.

What About The Dosage?

The dosage of Turkesterone will depend on your age, bodyweight, and health condition. In case you have any other disease, your doctor might also ask you to avoid using it.

Anyway, for an otherwise healthy adult, taking 250mg-500mg of Turkesteorne/day will be sufficient enough. We’ve been following this protocol, and it worked out pretty well too.

Remember, if you want to get the most out of it, you must take it for two-three months at least. And, don’t forget to talk to your doctor to know more about it.

Tongkat Ali – Everything You Need To Know About It

When it comes to boosting the efficacy of your testosterone, Tongkat Ali looks to be the best possible option in this aspect. It usually appears in a flowering plant, known as Tribulus, and offers a natural and effective way to boost your testosterone.

How Is It Beneficial For Your Health?

When used in the proper manner, Tongkat Ali can be pretty beneficial for your overall health. Here’s how it can help you out.

  • Tongkat Ali can increase the production of testosterone in your body. It, in turn, can help people suffering from decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.
  • Additionally, Tongkat Ali can also increase your stamina rating to some extent. Thus, it becomes easier for you to exercise for a prolonged period.
  • Finally, it can also lower the risk of certain cancers and reduce your overall stress by quite a mile. It can reduce your belly fat and increase muscle mass as well.

The Dosage 

Like Turkesterone, the dosage of Tongkat Ali will depend on your overall health, weight, and age. Also, in this aspect, your gender might fall into consideration too.

Anyway, as a healthy male, it might be possible for you to consume around 200mg-400mg of the product daily. For a female, though, consuming 150mg Tongkat Ali will suffice.

Nonetheless, this is just an assumption made from our own experience. So, we’ll ask you not to think too much and talk to a doctor instead. They’ll help you out in the best way possible.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

Honestly, both of these products offer the best possible benefit for your health. Nonetheless, if you’re here for our opinion, we’ll ask you to go for Turkesterone.

It’s a proven option from every aspect and, therefore, will not cause any problem with your health. Additionally, it usually does not carry the risk of side effects as well.

However, no matter what you’re considering choosing, don’t forget to talk to your doctor as early as possible. They’re the expert, so it’s better if you heed their word more than ours.