Must have casual Menswear for this summer season!

Wondering what summer essentials you need this summer to look chic? In this scorching hot weather, you’d only prefer casual wear for men. By casual we surely don’t mean something for your lounge to binge-watch a movie over the weekend or play. Here are a few of our favourite and trendy casual summer looks for you to keep it all cool under the sun.

Guys, it’s time to steal the spotlight with these must-have trending outfits. So get ready to upgrade your closet as we did the legwork for you. All you’ve got to do is, sit back, relax, and soak in the summer goodness.

Summer essentials for men

Looking to add a dash of prep to your collection this season? Well, this year is all about simplicity, stripes, pastel shades, and neutral tones. The choice of fabric also kind of matters as it can lift your look instantly.

  • Sun washed men t-shirt
  • Chino men shorts
  • Oxford button-down shirt
  • Jogger pants
  • Men polo shirts

Sun washed shirts

Haven’t you heard of the “sun-washed” shirts? Well, think of the brightest coloured men t-shirt, that takes a spin in the washing machine several times. The resulting “faded” shade is what is called “Sun-washed”. The sun-washed shirts for men give a cool, retro vibe and the fabric also gives a luxurious feel in this unbearable hot weather.

Heading out to meet your friends and look fresh? Pair up a sun-washed polo t-shirt with coordinating chinos or men shorts in light shades. Wrap up your entire look with crisp-looking white sneakers and you’d look like a model straight out of a poster. For events that require a little more finesse, all you’ve got to do is, wear one of the oxford buttoned-down men’s’ dress shirts, with chino pants and loafers. There you are, look handsome with the least of efforts.

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Chino men shorts

Summer is a great time for men to indulge in outdoor activities and explore new hobbies such as golf, tennis etc. Golf is an all-time favourite activity for men irrespective of their age.

Cruise around in the golf cart with the sporty look. This year, the sporty look is quite the catch! Are you wondering what exactly the golf attire is? Several gold f courses follow a strict dress code. If you show up in men polo shirts or collared shirts with chino men shorts then you’d meet the requirement for most of the courses. But any other kind of pants or even track pants for men is a big no! However, a pair of shorts or even plain pants will work as well.


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Button-down shirts

Work from home has been quite a norm now since COVID-19 came into our lives. And we are not ready to give up on this look as yet when working in the office. 2022 is all about comfortable work-wear now. Just because you have to work for long hours, doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your comfort. This is where work-wear comes in. It’s all about casual wear for men, with an appropriate look for your workplace.   You can mix up a buttoned-down men t-shirt with comfy jogger pants (preferably khaki coloured) and a pair of sneakers. Even a polo-t-shirt will be a fine choice in this scenario.

Other than this, for a nighttime look, you can switch your jogger pants with chino pants and loafers or even chukka boots for a fiery hot look. Or if you’re heading out to grab a quick bite with friends, simply roll up the sleeves of the shirt and wear a short for a clean and crisp look.

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Vacation wear

Did you say vacation? Or planning a road trip with your guys? Well, it means you need to pack all the comfy goodies in your bag. Give yourself a short sweet break from the hectic work life, as you deserve it!

Not sure of what resort wear for men entails?  The new fashion clothes for this category include styles that support the cruise look. Linen fabric-based shirts, or a pop of prints,

Before you leave for your destination, keep a check on the weather there. Even the slightest of humidity can kill the vibes.  Pack only those men dress shirts that are linen, rayon or soft poly based. Linen-based shirts are the trending outfit for this purpose as they are lightweight and breathable. Hit the hiking trails in pants! Pants are always the best for such expeditions especially when you’re on a vacation. Pack up a pair of track pants for men or jogger pants/trousers for this purpose. The hiking track can have bugs or itchy plants, so your legs will be protected. And you can keep a lot of stuff in your pockets to carry your stuff around easily.

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