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Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings in 2022

Unlike in ancient days, the modern brides are always in a state of dilemma before their big day happens. With thousands of diamond-shaped variations available to choose from, choosing a perfect ring that would complement your hand along with your dream white wedding dress is a big confusion. To make things easier, we have sorted the most popular Ring shapes of 2022 which would bring a spectacular shine and brilliance to the wearer’s finger. So, let’s dive right into the most trendy diamond shapes for your dream engagement!

Pear-Shaped Diamond

Speaking of today, the brides who are all set to get hitched real soon, prefer nothing but the pear-shaped cutout of their long-awaited wedding rings! The best part about the Pear-shaped diamonds is that it comes in a lot of variants aiming to flatter the numerous shapes and sizes of the bride and groom’s hand. Moreover, experts have suggested that pear cut-outs have a special crystal arrangement that makes the light reflect outwards. This is the reason why, they say that the more Sparky the ring is, so is the spark between the newlyweds. If you want suggestions from the experts, then we would advise you to put the point of the pear in an outward-facing direction towards the tip of the finger, for an elongated appearance.

Marquise-Shaped Diamond

Just trailing behind the pear-shaped wedding rings, the Marquise-shaped diamond isn’t much distance to be one of the most popular choices of 2022. When we say Marquise shaped, we mean the diamond stone must have two points at both of the ends which is highly beneficial in making the diamond appear a little more elongated, thus flattering the fingers a little more. This shape is often considered an extremely royal shape because it has been named after one of the mistresses of King Louis XV. It is also rumored that the shape has been named after the mistress due to the uncanny resemblance of the diamond cut-out with the mouth of the queen. The plus points surrounding this shape are that they make the diamond appear larger and shinier and compliments both genders equally.

Round Shaped Diamond

Speaking of weddings which hold a great significance in everybody’s life, how can we leave the classic round-shaped diamond rings behind? Never out of style, these round or spherical shape diamonds have never gone off the table whenever a bride makes her choice for her big day. Moreover, these classic round-shaped diamond rings are labeled timeless, and they also tend to retain the maximum monetary value. Due to their round-shaped appearance, the diamonds reflect an enormous amount of light and sparkle to catch everybody’s eyes. Hence, if you’re confused, the round shape diamond is always a go-to choose.

Oval Shaped Diamond

Last but not least, the oval-shaped diamond is always an inclusion in the list of the most popular choices irrespective of the year. According to a survey, couples highly preferred the oval-shaped engagement Ring these days, all due to its elegant placement and smooth cutting. The oval-shaped diamond encompasses circular edges in a usual elongated style, which can never go wrong with any dress you choose. There are even several variations to the oval-shaped rings as it enables you to choose between the narrow or white cuts according to your convenience. Unlike the rounded ring, the oval-shaped diamond rings give a modern and trendy touch to a timeless day.

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