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Looking for Best Tyre Shop To Buy Car Tyres in Dubai, UAE

Looking for a tire shop is easy in the UAE. However, looking for the best tyre shop to buy car tyres in Dubai, UAE, that impresses you with your work is even more important. Certain parameters can help you with opting for it.

Tyre Store AE is the best tyre shop from where you can buy car tyres in Dubai, UAE. In this blog, you will know why tyres are important, why it is important to buy tyres, and a few attributes and the best features of TyreStore AE that make it unique from other tyre shops in the UAE. So keep reading.

Why are Tyres Important

Whenever you see a vehicle, the main thing that you notice about it is its look. After some time, when the vehicle moves, you start looking at its tyres and how speedily they are making it move. Tyres are the main part of your vehicle. They make it move the way you want. They have been provided with a lot of pressure from the steering, brakes, accelerator etc., at the same time to provide you with a smooth drive.

If your tyres are not in good condition, you will suffer from many problems. So they are important for your safe and smooth journey.

Why is it Important to Buy Tyres

Tyres are an essential part of your car. No, just because they are in contact with the harsh environment and the bumpy road but also because they are in direct contact with your steering, brakes, and accelerator. As you command those tyres to work, they work accordingly. Continuous wear and tear on the tyres from all sides and direct exposure to sunlight make them very sensitive and prone to destruct sooner than other parts of the vehicle. It is the main reason why it is important to buy tyres and get them checked from an authentic tyre shop such as TyreStore AE.


Best Tyre Shop To Buy Car Tyres in Dubai, UAE

Knowing the importance of cars and that they help provide a safe and smooth drive and journey, we must know that we cannot buy car tyres from any random place. Opting for a very amazing and very good tyre shop is extremely important. It directly influences the quality of your car and your journey.

Tyre Store AE provides the best tyres in the UAE. The mechanics there are also very well-trained and amazing, influencing their quality. Tyre Store AE has been working with almost all of the top car tyre brands in the UAE. The experts there can deal with small as well as big brand cars.

Why Choose TyreStore AE

TyreStoreUAE.com has been doing business for over numerous years and we have constructed associations with the entirety of the top tire and wheel producers. We invest heavily in offering the least costs on the web, the most decisions and the best client support in the business.

Tyre store is the best car repair and service center working in Dubai. Visit now and avail best offers for tyres with wheel alignment and balancing services UAE

Choosing TyreStore AE for your car services is the best decision you will make for the betterment of your car. Following are the main advantages that you will get from TyreStore AE which make it stand out from other tyre supplying brands:

Discount Offers by TyreStore AE

Tyre Store AE offers various discounts on their services, purchasing facilities, etc. These discounts and other offers are provided to loyal customers and others during the discount season. They offer discounts on occasions such as the company’s anniversary, etc.

Fast Shipping

Whenever you think about buying anything, you can’t wait to have it immediately. Tyre Store AE understands this situation completely. They know that you cannot bear more loss because of your problematic car tyre and need to replace it as soon as possible. So they do fast shipping.

Free Shipping

Many individuals do not opt for online orders or buying something online. They think they charge extra money for shipping the products to your home that are available in the market. However, that is not the case with TyreStore AE. In TyreStore AE, you are provided with quality products with free shipping.

Experienced Workers

The individuals at Tyre Store AE are experienced and good enough to get your branded car tyres fixed by them. You can order your car’s products online too, but getting the services done by the experienced workers at TyreStore AE is highly recommended.

Wide Range of Top Brand Car Tyres

Tyre Store AE is the best brand that provides amazing services of the best brand car tyres. All of the high-end branded car tyres in the UAE are provided by the best car tyre company, i.e., TyreStore AE.

Best and Reasonable Rates

You might think the tyre shop providing many facilities might charge high and differ from other tyre shops. Well, if you are thinking like that, then that is not true at all. Tyre Store AE provides the best services at the most reasonable rates. The prices are market competitive and great.

Multiple Locations in the UAE

The best feature of Tyre Store AE is that it provides you with services with its different outlets at multiple locations in the UAE. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman are the main locations where Tyre Store AE provides its services. All of the branches in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Dubai are excellent and have the best-skilled mechanics who know every information regarding car parts, especially tyres.

Mobile Van Services

Suppose you are on the side road at night and your car stops working. The main issue is that the tyres have burst and cannot be fixed by you. There is no tyre shop available nearby. What will you do? You will have to call somebody, and that will be TyreStore AE. They will reach you in a few minutes and provide you with services. Tyre Store AE has the best team available 24/7 to provide you with their mobile van services.

Top Brands Which We Work With

There are many top brands with which Tyre Store AE works. They work for both smaller brand cars as well as bigger brand cars such as Mercedes, LandCruiser, etc.

The list of top tyre brands we work with is as follows:

  • Accelera
  • Armstrong Tyres
  • Atlas Tires
  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Cooper Tires
  • Dunlop
  • Falken Tire
  • Firestone
  • Good Year
  • Hankook
  • Infinity

Reviews By Our Customers

All of our customers are satisfied with our services and come to us for their future car services. However, only some provide reviews. We will be sharing with you some the glimpses of those reviews:

They have the best customer service and did it so quickly. They offered very good prices for tires as compared to others in the market. Highly recommend it to others.” -Hossein Shariatmadar.


Their battery services are safe they are trustworthy and deliver the best services to their clients. I am satisfied.” -Kaiden.


Great service from these guys. Good price and a nice facility. Will definitely return.” -Ade 5

Other Services Provided by TyreStore AE

Multiple other services apart from tire services are provided by Tyre Store AE. These include:

  • Battery service
  • Lubricant services
  • Alloy/Wheel services
  • Mobile Van Services

Contact and Other Details of the Best Tyres Shop in the UAE




Al Zomorrod Road, Al Quoz 2, Al Mutakamela vehicle testing and registration center shop no. 4 Al Quoz.

E-mail Address:

[email protected]



TyreStoreUAE.com has been doing business for over numerous years and we have constructed associations with the entirety of the top tire and wheel producers. We invest heavily in offering the least costs on the web, the most decisions and the best client support in the business.