Marriage Life Partner and Happy Marriage life According To Astrology

Life Partner and Happy Marriage life According To Astrology

One morning as you head to your workplace, you meet the partner of your dreams! Your eyes meet, and love falls! Last night you heard about ‘how to find your true soul mate’ and today you are meeting them in person! What does this dream and fantasy look like? Well, we all think about our true soul mate, but unfortunately, that’s hard to do! However we have ways to find out as much information about our partner as possible. Marriage horoscope is an age old technique to depict your intimacy!

Hold your breath: here I am leading you to the partner of your dreams! How will that be, keep reading to know which planets direct your love life and how beneficial horoscope matching is for you!

Marriage life Partner and Happy Marriage Life

In this article, we are going to tell you some important tips related to astrology related to your marriage partner and happy marriage life. By adopting which you can live happily in your marriage life and a harmonious life with your partner.

What is astrology?

Those who have never heard this term before will be confuse when I describe your partner’s peculiarities based on it. So, let us first understand what astrology is! Astrology is a tool for obtaining information about the future, which works on the concepts of the interdependent universe. We are all connected, and the celestial bodies have a profound effect on our lives.

Furthermore, knowing these effects by mapping the position of each planet at the time of our birth is know as Janam Kundli. Astrologers can understand every aspect of your life through this. It is surprising how accurate your horoscope can predict about your life partner. And for this they see the marriage horoscope.

Marriage horoscope

Will you have a love marriage, or will you tie the knot? Will you meet the prince of your dreams in India, or will your love story take you across the ocean? You might be thrill to think of all this. Marriage horoscope can pique your curiosity. When a couple decides to get married, an astrologer carefully matches their horoscopes. They evaluate their compatibility on the basis of the position of various celestial bodies. Kundali matching for marriage can represent the marital journey ahead of you as a couple.

In addition, physical traits, behavioral patterns and even their tendencies can be inferred. With this you can understand your partner and also your future life with him. Some of the major stars and their positions in different houses reveal the secrets of your life partner. Let’s get to know about it in depth now!

Characteristics of your life partner

According to Vedic astrology, each planet influences our life. An expert astrologer can correctly predict at what age you will get married and what will be the first letter of your partner’s name. Certain planets and their positions are very important and have a great impact on our romantic relationship.

Venus is a planet which is known as the planet of love, beauty, art and expression. If the planet Venus is in a good position in your horoscope, then you’re feeling of love increases. When the position and position of Venus in your horoscope is strong, then an astrologer can make positive predictions for you by looking at your horoscope.

Ascendant (Proceeding) –

It plays an important role when you look at the matrimonial horoscope. Ascendant indicates interpersonal relationships. Will he be very talkative? Or will your spouse be shy and introverted? Through this you learn about your mutual understanding.

Position of Moon-

It is very important to consider the position of Moon in Kundli matching. This axis shows relationships from past lives. It shows the bond between the two. With this you can understand your soul mate in real sense.


How to know if you two are made for each other? Vertex is a lesser known point. It works in coordination with the descent (descending). When two charts show a strong contrast with superiority, this match is truly made in heaven.

Sun-Moon Position-

When in the horoscope, the Sun of one partner sees the Moon of the other, it shows natural affection. Both support each other and can lead a meaningful life. Their energy and work always complement each other.

Aroon, Varuna and Pluto (and Chiron)—

The trio’s relationship—these outer planets indirectly rule the marital life. When these triads are synonymous with each other in the horoscopes of both, it radiates a powerful sense of transformation and upliftment in relation to each other. Such a couple inspires and excites each other throughout life.

Rahu’s position-

With the favorable position of Rahu, you can easily read the mind of another person. It gives excellent analytical skills. Also, there is a sudden change in Rahu. If along with the favorable position of Rahu you also have a strong position of Venus, then there are high chances of love marriage! Such a person is cheerful and practical in nature.

Have you checked your horoscope?

What indicators do you find in your horoscope?

Now that you know who and what your partner will be like, don’t forget to do detailed horoscope matching. Astrology predictions ensure a soulful marital bliss!

Astrological Tips for Happy Marriage Life

Marriage is a place where the one who is there wants to get out of that place, and the one who isn’t is desperate to reach it. Every young man / young woman keeps different types of dreams in his mind to spend his married life happily. Despite having all kinds of material comforts, dreams remain unfulfilled. Sometimes small things become big and cracks start appearing in married life. The husband starts lying to the wife and the wife to the husband, so that their shortcomings are not exposed. Don’t take this route at all. It is better to be honest in your relationship.

But the question arises that why is this so? Is it that there is any Vastu defect in your bedroom? There may be a Vastu defect in your room, and you may not even be aware. Well, we are giving you such tips, through which you can rain happiness in your married life. For this, you must follow these rules of Vastu.

in the early days of marriage

In the early days of marriage, decorate your bedroom with red color. For example- red colored bed seat, red colored light etc. If possible, red colored fruits should also be consumed. There should not be a mirror in front or behind the bed. If it is a compulsion to keep a mirror due to lack of space, then keep it covered with a cloth. Having a mirror in the bedroom has the effect of negative energy in relationships.

Do not keep plant in bedroom

Do not keep any type of plant in the bedroom. Mix salt in water and wipe it in the bedroom.

Keep watery objects away

Water-containing objects should be kept away from the bedroom. Never keep a cup of water, a fish house in the bedroom.

Burn some camphor in the evening

A little camphor should be lit at the main entrance of the bedroom in the evening, due to which the negative energy there comes out.

Add beautiful shapes to the bedroom

Use beautiful shapes to keep the romance alive in the bedroom. For example, pictures of small children, candles, painting of raised flowers etc.

When the girl goes to her in-laws house for the first time

When women move from the main door to their bedroom after coming to the in-laws house, do not go into the bedroom very fast. With the sound of the nostrils going on, move the same foot forward and slowly enter the bedroom.

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