Post A Job For Free Online
Post A Job For Free Online

Learn How To Post A Job For Free Online And Get A Step-By-Step Guide

How do companies recruit the best talent in an era where cutting-edge technology rules? Hiring and employment have significantly changed over the past few years and continues to progress as technology changes. It’s important for recruiters to be aware of how companies recruit, so they can take benefit of the ways of finding qualified applicants to hire. Hiring managers can also start with Top job posting sites (for recruiters) for post a job for free online.

Where can you post new openings?

Where can you post new openings? In some cases, hiring managers of the companies passively recruit by simply posting current openings on their own website and waiting for applicants to find the job posting and apply. Hiring managers can also start with Top job posting sites (for recruiters) for free posting. There are many free online posting sites in India for employers, but only a handful can deliver great candidates.

Know step-by-step guide- post a job for free online

There are a number of sites that have a free posting option that can bring a greater volume of applications and the pool of the quality applicants. Most websites have the same kind of steps of posting new openings:

Creating a recruiter account- To begin with, firstly create a recruiter account to post on free posting websites. An employer account grants the specialized access to visit the sites and allows them to post latest jobs in India and receive applications from competent candidates.

Describe the position- The next step to posting on such sites is to select the name of the company. To check for the company, simply search through their comprehensive database. If it is present, select the name of the department. If not, enter the basic employer details and information. The hiring managers can also upload the logo of their company/ enterprise.

Fill out basic information- The next step in the free posting process in sites is to provide basic information completely, namely the job title, description, position type and location. This section is the best opportunity to highlight the qualities and strengths of the position to capable candidates. Job titles while posting can be powerful recruiting tools. A convincing and informative title will do wonders for the performance of the posting. Keep it simple, as a poorly crafted title can have the unfortunate effect of scaring qualified candidates. So, it is better to keep the description as clear and concise as possible! Following this basic rule will ensure that potential interviewees will be given a positive and clear first impression of the position, thus generating interest in the particular vacancy. In addition also include:

Experience Level- in these particular field recruiters must select the desired experience level of the candidate. This step will further ensure that the new posting will attract potential candidates.

Essential Skills and & Proficiency- In this field employers should list the information on the required skills, expertise, qualifications and the career level of the ideal applicant.

About the Employer/ Company- In this final field the employer/ recruiter should give a basic overview of the company. What is its key focus and employee strength? These are the selling points that should be articulated in this particular section while posting online.

Preview of new postings- After submitting the detailed information and description; the recruiters can take the opportunity to preview the posts. If they are satisfied with the posting looks, they can submit a posting.

Is it worth using free top sites?

There is nothing to lose when posting new and latest jobs other than time. Free posting sites have been shown to perform as good as the paid sites or portals. The main reason behind it is that an employer can freely post a job that doesn’t mean they are not visited by potential candidates. As the largest sites, they have the largest pool of seekers online. Some portal sites also provide a built-in ATS (applicant tracking system) for all employers, which allow them to keep track of applicants who have applied. Popular websites also offer message alerts.

Most websites provide a number of key statistics around titles &competitive salaries that can be used to improve the postings. Last but not the least; because it is simple-to-handle for work seekers, it’s their go-to search tool, which means if employers not making the most of it they are truly missing out. is one of the best Search Engine for Jobs that helps millions of people to find the accurate and best job opportunities in India. This leading jobs site helps to make your job search in india, delhi and other cities easy.