how to perform QNAP cloud backup

Learn How To Perform QNAP Cloud Backup In Two Different Ways

You are reading this article to learn how to perform QNAP cloud backup. You acknowledge that even though NAS allows easier access to files whenever you are, there are other correct strategies to protect your data from significant failures or natural disasters.

If you have invested in a QNAP NAS, you understand how important it is for your home or business. A NAS (Network Attached Storage) device is the most effective way for you and other users to access files from a centralized disk capacity.

 Why Should You Back Up QNAP NAS?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows multiple users on a local area network easy access to shared storage via a standard Ethernet connection. This increases the risk of data loss; thus, it is crucial to back up NAS data. Backing up lets you have a copy of your stored data in case your NAS crushes.

Furthermore, you can quickly recover NAS data with a few simple clicks if your NAS device is stolen or damaged. Another benefit of performing QNAP cloud backup is that you can access your data from anywhere, unlike when you have your data on a NAS drive at home.

 How To Perform QNAP Cloud Backup

Now that you know the importance of QNAP NAS backup, let us delve into how to perform QNAP cloud backup. There are two ways to back up:

 Backup With Built-In Tool

The QNAP App Centre has practical applications like Cloud Drive Sync and Hybrid Backup Sync. These built-in tools let you sync and backup NAS to the cloud by following simple steps. With these applications, you can back up your files, folders, or the entire NAS device.

  1. Go to the QNAP App Centre
  2. Click ‘Backup/sync.’
  3. Click HBS 3 Hybrid Backup Sync, then ‘Add to QTS.’
  4. Open HBS 3, then go to ‘Backup and Restore.’
  5. Click ‘Create,’ then click on ‘New Backup Job.’
  6. Select the source and destination
  7. View assignment summary
  8. Click ‘Create’

A few optional things you can do after you select the source and destination include specifying job identification information, configuring schedule settings, and configuring data integrity check settings. You can also watch a few video tutorials on how to perform QNAP cloud backup with HBS 3.

 Backup With Free Backup Software

Another easy way to perform QNAP cloud backup is by using Free Backup Software. The software has user-friendly, easy-to-use features to help create a backup of your NAS. Features like the ability to schedule and compress backups make them the ideal choice for users. Follow the steps to back up your NAS with any Free Backup Software.


You have learned how to perform QNAP cloud backup in two ways. You can either consider using a built-in tool or Free Backup Software. The Hybrid Backup Sync has various features and is a reliable way to protect your data. Both solutions explained above are effective and reasonably practical. We recommend that you choose a solution that meets your specific needs.