Food Safety Management System

Know about Food Safety Management System of ISO 22000

ISO 22000 certification is considered as a universally recognized standard that is associated with ISO 9001 stranded method to food safety management and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) for the declaration of food safety at any levels. These safety standards clearly describe the ways organizations demonstrate their own ability to control safety risks to provide food safeguard. Nowadays, food safety has become a common issue. The safety stranded gives practical assurance to food consumption that prevents injury or illness. Therefore, we should certify ISO 22000 standard at global level.

The main concern regarding food safety in real point of view that, the anytime consumption of food safety hazards. On the other hand, hazards can take place at the food chain process. These could be the main reasons: proper management of the entire food chain is important and all relevant organizations need to work together to ensure safety. ISO 22000 setup requirements for food safety management systems and can be specialized and Specifies what an organization must to demonstrate ability to regulate and secure food safety risks to ensure food safety. It seems to be some easy requirement to apply by any organization of any size or location in the food chain.

Food manufacturers can apply the ISO technical specification (ISO/TS 220021) to develop the major PRP programs. It outlines the specific requirements for prerequisite programs supplies that apply to these organizations. The stated requirements are in line with the requirements of PAS 220, an open requirement used in conjunction with ISO 22000 for the FSSC 22000 certification scheme, and widely accepted.

Encounter industry standards and market access protection of ISO 22000 certification

ISO 22000 associated with several national food safety standards and also, established responsibilities and basic requirements at international level. ISO 22000 also incorporates elements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Critical Control Points for Hazard Analysis (HACCP) and other key important protective procedures. Therefore, the ISO 22000 FSMS is considered more stringent than person essentially by regulatory bodies. In addition, FSSC 22000, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification required by the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers, is considered based on ISO 22000 as well.

The reason to apply ISO 22000 certification

The development of FSMS is considered as a proactive, systematic and logical approach to addressing food safety issues. The entire structure of the standard is really similar to existing international standards. This general approach targeting the organizations integrates a single management system that encounters the requirements of entire management system standards. Say for example, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22301.The main benefit for the organization is that it increases transparency through minimizing main food risks and provides more safety for both customers and end consumers.

Who should get certified by these standards?

ISO 22000 applies to any organization that could be related with meals enterprise or meals chain and irrespective of the scale of the organization or together with the meals chain process. These trades can be meals, element and preservative manufacturers, feed producers, trades concerned with inside the shipping or people who authorize to be associated with related organizations. Most of the organizations that can be associated with the meals are innovative. However, the majority consider the ability to practice additionally, along with persons who produce equipment, packaging substances or cleansing sellers the meals enterprise uses.

Steps to get ISO 22000 certification

Even though the association or another person does not need to be ISO 22000 certification certified to use the Principles, there are many benefits to being certified such as, the ability to establish agreement to the standards to third parties that can request authentication after implementing or applying FSMS. To be certified, the organization must work with an accredited certification body such as the Raj Startup a leading consultant of ISO certification in Delhi. These certification bodies perform the necessary audits to confirm agreement and issue certificates once the organization fulfils entire basic requirements.


  • Download the schema requirements (free) by visiting the Schema Documentation section of our website.
  • Conduct a self-assessment of eligibility for further advice (voluntarily) with possible support from a FSSC 22000 accredited educational institution.


  • Contact a FSSC 22000 accredited certification body.
  • Establish a food and equipment safety management system certification body and take corrective action to identify nonconformities.
  • Contact an FSSC 22000 accredited educational institution for further advice (voluntary).


  • If the audit is considered successful, the certificate authority enrolls the certificate.
  • Conduct annual follow-up audits (including one unannounced audit each three years).
  • Recertification each three years.

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