Kannur University: Are You Interested in Studying Here?

Kannur University PG Admission: Are You Interested in Studying Here?

Did you know that Kannur University PG Admission is one of the few public universities in Kerala? Did you know that it’s the second largest university in Kerala? Did you know that Kannur University offers more than 150 UG and PG programs, with 13 specializations for each degree? If you didn’t, read on to find out more about this hidden gem of a university. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Kannur University. So keep reading!

What to know before you apply for Kannur University

First, let’s talk about what you should know before applying to Kannur University. Most importantly, you should know that the application process for Kannur is different than for most other universities. While most universities have centralized application portals, Kannur uses a decentralized application process. You will have to apply directly to the specific course/college you wish to study at. There is no central application portal you can log into from the start. You should also know that, unlike most other universities, Kannur does not have an entrance exam. However, the application process itself is highly competitive, so you need to know what you should do to increase your chances of getting in.

How to apply to Kannur University PG Admission?

If you’ve decided that Kannur University is the right place for you, let’s talk about how you should go about applying. Unlike every other university, there is no central application portal for Kannur. This means that you need to apply directly to the desired course/college of your choice. Every course/college has a slightly different application process, so you need to follow the instructions they’ve provided. You can find the instructions for each course/college on the Kannur University website.

Facilities at Kannur University

Now that we’ve talked about the application process, let’s talk about the facilities available at Kannur University. This will give you a better idea of what life at Kannur will be like. Kannur University is located in Kannur, Kerala. It has lots of old-world charm and is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. This gives the campus a quiet, relaxed vibe. It has 23 hostels for men and 34 for women. There are also separate hostels for postgraduate and doctoral scholars. There are also the usual facilities like a library, computer lab, sports grounds, etc.

Undergraduate courses at Kannur University

Now that we’ve talked about what you need to know before applying and the facilities available, let’s talk about the undergraduate courses offered at Kannur University. There are more than 150 undergraduate courses available at Kannur. You can find the complete list of undergraduate courses here. The most popular undergraduate courses at Kannur include B.Com, B.A, B.Sc, B.Ed, BBA, B.Tech, B.E, BA LLB, B.Sc. (Home Science), B.Sc. (Computer Science), B.Sc. (Bio-Medical Science), B.Sc. (Bio-Technology), B.Sc. (Agricultural Science), B.Sc. (Social Science), B.Lib.I.Sc., Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, Diploma in Fisheries, Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism, Diploma in Printing and Publishing, and BA LLB (Hons).

Graduate courses at Kannur University

Here are some of the most popular graduate degrees at Kannur University: M.A – English, Malayalam, History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sanskrit, Education, Physics, Chemistry, and B.Ed. MBA, MCA, M.Sc, M Sc Biotechnology, M Sc Plant Science, M Sc Environmental Science, M Sc Microbiology, M Sc Applied Botany, M Sc Applied Zoology, M Sc Biochemistry, M Sc Bioinformatics, M Sc Biomedical Science, M Sc Biotechnology (Biochemical Engineering), 


M Sc Food Science and Technology, M Sc Food Biotechnology, M Sc Pharmaceutical Technology, M Sc Pharmacognosy, M Sc Microbial Biotechnology, M Sc Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, M Sc Food Technology, and Nutrition, M Sc Computer Science and Engineering, M Sc Information Technology, M Sc Mechanical Engineering, M Sc Biomedical Engineering, M Sc Applied Mechanics, M Sc Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, M Sc Remote Sensing and GIS, M Sc Food Processing Technology and Management, M Sc Marine Engineering and Management, M Sc Power Engineering, M Sc Power Systems Engineering, M Sc Renewable Energy Engineering.

A research degree at Kannur University 

If you’re interested in pursuing a research degree, Kannur University has you covered. It offers several research degrees, including M.Phil, M.Phil (Biotechnology), M.Phil (Environmental Science), M.Phil (Microbiology), and M.Phil (Biochemistry), Ph.D. If you’re interested in doing research at Kannur, you should know that it is one of the top research universities in Kerala. The University Grants Commission of India has ranked Kannur University as one of the top research universities in the country.


If you’re interested in Kannur University PG Admission, you should know that there are many universities to choose from. If you’re interested in studying at Kannur university, we hope that this article has helped you understand the application process, know what to expect, and make an informed choice.

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