Is it Acceptable to Keep a College Diploma in Your Office?

A diploma is not just a piece of paper, and when it comes to your college diploma, it symbolizes all of the hard work you put in to earn that academic record of achievement. It’s a personal document you should treasure, and yet, during these modern times, not everyone knows where to put a diploma. Education experts have some interesting answers, especially about hanging up your college diploma in the office.

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No, You’re Not A Show-Off

It wouldn’t matter if it were 1902 or currently, 2022. Putting your college diploma on display is a proper thing to do and better than hiding it away in the attic, for example.

There is no shame in hanging up your diploma in the office or company where you work. Other professionals do it, and there is nothing pretentious or snobby about it. Celebrating education is a great thing to do. The statistics say a lot, and you’re in good company. Last year, 1,998,000 bachelor’s degrees were expected to be awarded in the U.S. alone.

It Defines Your Qualifications

When you choose to keep your college diploma in the office, you are displaying your credentials. Others who drop by to visit you can see that you have the qualifications for the position you hold. It’s fine to hang up your college diploma in a prominent spot on the wall so that it is visible to clients, friends, or business partners.

Your diploma is a record of academic attainment that is printed on high-quality paper and ink. Buying a diploma frame tailored to your university, such as a Walden University diploma frame is a great way to preserve it and to show school pride.

It Quietly Empowers You

Receiving a college degree and seeing it on paper is a huge deal. No one can ever take your education away from you. You have earned it, and yet, there may be times that you feel inferior to others in a company who have put in many years of experience.

Hanging up your diploma in the office is an excellent way to feel stronger and more confident in your career field. It is quietly empowering, and you deserve to be right where you are and beginning on your new career path.

It May Inspire Others

As the numbers paint the story, many people of all ages and positions in life earn college degrees. The courses are often challenging. Add in other responsibilities, and getting your diploma is never easy.

There are some folks who wish to go to college and do the same. By seeing your credentials framed on your office wall, your achievements can often serve as an inspiration to others. Be proud of your success. Your personal story may influence others who can see how far you have come.

It’s Supposed To Be Shown

Heck, you put in the long hours and work to finish your degree and take home your diploma. There is a reason why every graduate is awarded this important, academic certificate.Why would you place it in storage as if it were a piece of household clutter?

Your college diploma is a large document. The standard size these days includes 14″w x 11″h dimensions. If you put it away in the closet, basement, attic, garage, etc., you risk ruining the special paper and ink it is printed on. It can get folded, creased, ripped or worse.


It’s a record of pride and should be framed in the proper manner and displayed in your office. Sadly, some graduates can’t even remember where they put their college diploma. To misplace or lose this special document would be heartbreaking to most. By the way, replacing a lost diploma can be a costly and tedious process.

It Adds To Office Decor

Maybe you’d like to hang your college diploma above your desk in the office or in the middle of a focus wall. Wherever you decide to place it, your diploma will add a professional vibe and attractive decor to your office space. Proudly keep that college diploma in your office. As the late Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”