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Investment in the light of Islam

Islam is not about offering prayer and doing ibadah. It is the practice to encompass a comprehensive human life system. Are you searching for the Apartment For Sale In B17 Islamabad? As a Muslim before investing in any business, we must know whether it is according to the Islamic rules or not. Because gaining too much profit by unfair means is not acceptable in Islam.

Islam does not allow interest payments on debt and the exploitative of the debtor. Interest income is not allow (haram) in Islam. The life of a good human depends on the sustainability of their expenses and saving. Canniness is play a major role in a person’s life. Before starting any work it is a must to know what is the boundary that ALLAH SWT defines for us. And always seek for his bounty. 

No one saying is to keep your money in your pocket or to spend it wherever you want. But you need to spend and follow the rules set by ALLAH and which the Hazrat MUHAMMAD S.A.W.W do. He is the complete example of the Quran, he practices all the ALLAH SWT teaching to tell us how to live a happy life. Trade is also allowed in Islam. But doing the things trade is first to ensure through which policies you are trading. And which objects you are trading.

Wealth management in light of the Quran and Hadith:


Rules that ALLAH SWT set for us are for our benefit. they will help us to be successful in this life and the life hereafter. Foreign exchange investment is allow in Islam. You need to develop your potential spiritually and physically both. Spending your wealth on someone needy is make you come closer to ALLAH. In the holy book Quran Allah SWT says:




Spending money for investment is now very common. Many companies are offering luxury apartments for sale in Islamabad. Before investing make sure that their policies and the Return On Investment. It is according to the teaching of Islam or not. Not harm yourself and don’t put yourself and your faith in danger. Also, aware people about this, because among you the best is the one who does good deeds and also teaches it to others. For these people Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w.w said:


“The upper hand is better than the lower hands. One should start giving first to his dependent relative. And the best object of help is that which is give by a wealthy person (The money left after expenses). And whoever refrains from asking others for some financial help. Allah SWT will give him and save him from asking others. Allah SWT will make him self-sufficient” 

If you are getting positive benefits from your investment then you will get more assets in return. But if it is in the negative benefits then you have to suffer the loss and pain of it. It results to insert uneasiness and anxiety in yourself and will not enter the Jannah. You must have the fear of ALLAH in your heart and stay loyal in every matter of life. In the Holy Quran ALLAH SWT says:

“You will be tested in your possessions and yourselves”

Investment in the light of Quran and Hadith:


Investment is about spending money that will give you a profit in the future. It will increase your wealth or revenues. It is the type of capital investment that is done in the form of money and profits to get long-term profits. Islam is the only religion that taught people the deal with real-life problems. In investment profits and capital are two basic factors.


The business that will give you the free profits and fix are haram in Islam. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not allowed in Islam because they include extra interest. According to Al-Hawariyya as a Muslim, you need to follow shari’ah rules. For the enhancement of the Islamic economy. Your foremost duty is to perform investment to thank and remember ALLAH. In the Holy Quran ALLAH SWT says:


“(Meaning of a verse ), When you complete your prayer, spread on the land and the find the bounty of Allah”


Involve yourself in the economic activities that include the investment but don’t go far from the will of ALLAH. MPCHS Islamabad is the biggest opportunity to invest this time. Don’t rely on your faith and just whatever return in your destiny will be done, do hard work, and wait for the result. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W says:

“The person that is responsible for managing the wealth of an orphan. To invest it, and don’t let it finish as caused of sadaqah

Analysis of Investment according to Shariah:


Islam does not stop the Muslims to invest, even if they encourage the Muslims to share their wealth to get a Falah. If you have funds and now you want to spend them on investment or want to buy an Apartment For Sale In B17 Islamabad. Then first must check the nature of the partners with whom you are contracting. And also the transaction or the nature of the instrument must. The activity of the investment must not include gambling, uncertainty, and interest. One thing more, don’t fix any amount on the profit like if you invest anywhere and the partner will fix any amount. That you will get this fixed amount every month then it is not allowed in Islam. you need to fix the percentage profit, like whatever the revenue is generated. At the end of the month calculate it according to percentage and take it. 

Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W said:

“Finding legitimate is an obligation on every Muslim”

Transactions are base on Shariah but based on the aqad. The investment statement must be very clear that the result. They must be in Musharakh, Qirad, and Mudharabah. If it is not mentioned then never sign the contract. To enhance the investment contract, Wakalah and Mudharabah are add to it. 

“Contract can not be a guarantee, so when destroyed or lost not because the trustee. Acts and also because of neglect it, it is not need to guarantee”

Final Thoughts:


Islam is not a strict religion as all people think. It is a religion that teaches us the true way of living a life. It teaches us how to stay in this life happy and do preparations for the life hereafter. Due to some crises, real estate marketing is a drop in past years. But now they are working on different projects to stabilize Pakistan’s economy. There are many groups of companies that are offering different kinds of packages. But you have to do deep research about their policies. method of revenue and profit percentage must be check. And then decide. All these mentioned things must be according to the teachings of Islam.


Before investing clarify the idea, of why you are investing. Because in Islam you will get the reward according to your intentions. Then research the real estate companies that follow the shariah laws and invest. I hope many of the questions are the answer in this blog. But still, if you have any questions you can ask. Thanks for reading.

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