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The Timer app includes a countdown animation as well as an alarm. Perfect for keeping meetings on track, time-based tasks, and even in-meeting group meditation. As the timer counts down, the current time is displayed normally on the screen. Timers are used to count down to specific events or to show how many minutes or hours have passed since a particular point in the past.

In this article, we will learn how to install a countdown timer app for various platforms.

How To Use The Countdown Timer App For Meetings
Use the Countdown timer app for meetings to keep virtual events on track. The instructions for using the desktop app while leading a virtual meeting on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Webex are provided below. You can also contact DARUK for additional assistance.

How to Use a Timer for  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex Meetings

  • Launch the Timer App in Chrome
  • You will be prompted to sign in, and you must use your Google account to do so.
  • After that you will be presented with three options from which to select.
  • Following that, you will be prompted to enter your meeting link or meeting id.
  • Your meeting will begin with a countdown timer app after you add a meeting link.

How to Include a Countdown Timer App for Meeting Attendees
Timers can be pasted into the meeting Invite (or within any email). This means that each participant can have their countdown timer visible on the desktop. It will begin when they open the invitation to the virtual meeting.

People in teams can also upload timers into the channel dialogue by using the image option. When they do this, it appears to everyone on the channel. If people keep the channel open while the Timer is being uploaded, the timers will synchronize.

How will the timer app benefit you?
People have difficulty managing their time. If you work in a position where you must meet with a group of clients, using a timer to plan and structure your days may help you better coordinate and structure your days. This type of meeting scheduling can have a significant impact on the amount of work you get done.

The video timer app is a revolutionary concept; there were problems everywhere during the COVID period, but video timer apps provided solutions.

Everyone gets equal time to present their time, in short, no one can extend their time just because the person was not able to manage time. After a set period, the timer will automatically notify everyone, including the presenter.

I hope to find this information helpful, and you must know what to do if you’re tired of long and ineffective virtual meetings now that you’ve read this article. DARUK has more information if you want to start using the countdown timer app for meetings.