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job searching

If the shoe fits: How to find a company that is right for you

Many resumes were sent, recommendations from friends, and online tests for selection processes. Generally, this becomes the routine for those who are job searching. The problem occurs when candidates end up applying to companies that do not make much sense for their career path. Or that have nothing to do with their values and culture. To avoid this, we provide some job searching tips to help you identify if a company makes sense for you.

Why choose the right company for you?

In addition to compensation and benefits issues, there are certainly other points to consider. Choosing a company that looks like you, increases the chances that you will like your job.

By taking into account the company’s culture and values, you will be able to assess whether you will get along well with your colleagues. This will obviously guarantee you a lighter and more comfortable day-to-day life. Finding a purpose at work has also become a relevant point after doing the best job searching process that you can.

What is said about the company on the web?

Knowing about the company that you want to work for is one of the greatest jobs in Dubai. A simple internet search will give you a good idea of what the company you would like to work for is like.

Here we mean in terms of ethics, and how their business reflects globally. Are there any articles about investment in research and innovation, philanthropic initiatives, or interesting sponsorship deals? Or on the other hand, is the picture about suspected tax evasion or general employee dissatisfaction?

How is the company leader?

The leader of a company represents the image of its vision. If you cannot trust the leader, you will always have difficulty trusting the organization over which he or she presides. According to several studies, there exists a relationship between a company’s business performance and the integrity of its CEO.

Companies in which employees rated their CEO’s handling of problems and overcoming mistakes positively had a return on assets of 9.35% over the past two years. On the other hand, companies with poorly rated CEO had an average ROA of only 1.93%.

Is there real evidence of ethical practices in the company?

Many companies advertise their ethical values on their websites and corporate materials. It almost becomes a requirement to demonstrate their policies in areas such as workplace diversity or the environment. But talking comes easier, the important thing is to look beyond the surface. And also, to see if the company keeps its promises.

Go further and find out if there is evidence of corporate social responsibility in place on the internet and/or on the organization’s social media. Is there evidence of real projects and employees involved in activities such as volunteering or fundraising? These things become important when job searching.

What is the organization doing for the environment?

Every company and every individual must play their part in environmental protection, and if that’s important to you when doing job searching, you will want to know to what extent your potential employer contributes to a cleaner world.

However, the challenges vary by industry and type of sector. An airline’s CO2 footprint, for example, requires much more effort to combat than that of a digital communications agency. But what matters is how an organization addresses the specific challenges it faces.

And finally, how it differentiates itself from its direct competitors. Here again, actions speak louder than words. It is very easy for a company to make a social media post. For example, with an image that refers to how much you care about global warming. Do not fall for convincing marketing. Look for tangible evidence of companies making real commitments and effectively exceeding them.

How has the company dealt with the criticism it has received?

In the race for profits, companies can make some mistakes. But in addition to criticism, regulatory violations, or negative media reports, the essential question is: What happened after the criticism was received?

An essential test of a company’s integrity lies in the way it responds to criticism or censure: does it seem to want to address the problems and implement measures to prevent them from recurring? Or does it just go from one crisis to the next? Similarly, you can analyze how the company responds to negative criticism: does it seem open to feedback and willing to address criticism positively, or does it respond defensively?

What is the selection process of the company in question?

The selection process is well developed. Having to pass at least two interviews is a good sign. Good companies not only want qualified people, but also good people, so they strive to build an access mechanism that helps them avoid toxic people. They will always look for the most qualified people to perform the job and at the same time the social and communicative ones.

How proud and happy are the employees to work there?

There is advocacy, employees are ambassadors. This means that there is a certain feeling of belonging to the company, employees are proud to work there and would recommend it. If this happens, it means that, in addition to having good internal communication, the company knows how to pamper its employees. Without them, they are nothing.

The boss is honest and competent. A good working environment starts at the top. If the boss is not able to set an example and build a team, employees will hardly be able to build it. If the boss is not competent, employees will not respect him or her enough. These are the best places for a Dubai job search.

What other factors indicate that the company is suitable to work for?

Growth is allowed. Some companies provide in-house training to help employees build a career. Others, for reasons of resources, simply provide access to short courses but promote excellence. This is a good sign for job search in the UAE because it is good for our personal development which in turn helps the company to grow.

Cooperation is commonplace. It is important to know that a good company cannot be a good company without listening to its employees, especially if it is a large one. After all, when it comes to improvement, there is no one better than those who do a job every day to comment on what works and what fails.

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