Remove duplicate from Outlook PST File

How to Remove Duplicate from Outlook PST File – Verified Solution

Learn How to Remove Duplicate from Outlook PST File – Verified Solution

Are you looking for a solution to remove duplicates from PST files in Outlook? Because you are facing problems due to a duplicate file, then you are on the right page. In this blog, we’ll go through some of the most effective methods for removing duplicates from Outlook PST files.

Well, now that Outlook is the most popular and secure email client hence, a large number of users use Microsoft Outlook on a daily basis. And, as a result of their daily activities, people are constantly creating trash data files such as duplicate emails, calendar entries, contacts, and so on.

Furthermore, duplicate files in PST have a variety of effects, including slowed system performance, Outlook software stopping or logging, and storage concerns. Furthermore, there is a considerable risk of PST file corruption owing to the oversizing of the PST file. As a result, removing duplicates from the PST file is critical. But first, let’s look at the causes of duplicates in Outlook PST files.

Major Reasons Behind Generating Duplicate in PST File

As previously stated, having duplicate PST files in Outlook can have a number of negative repercussions. Therefore,  in this section, we are going to discuss what are the causes of duplicate files in the Outlook program and why it is important to remove duplicates from PST files?

  • Receiving the same spam emails in Outlook from different companies, some of the companies repeatedly send the newsletter or emails which creates a duplicate inbox.
  • When a user selects the option to leave a message on the server, Outlook creates several duplicates of the same email.
  • Continuous synchronization of Outlook email with multiple devices like another laptop, or mobile tablet.
  • Duplicate emails are also created in the Outlook PST file by third-party antivirus software.

How to Remove Duplicates from Outlook PST File- Native Workaround

There are multiple techniques to remove duplicates from the Outlook PST file. Some best ones are listed below. So, you can opt for any method as per your requirements. 

Method 1: Using the Import/Export Wizard to Remove Duplicates

Users can remove duplicates from the Outlook PST file by using the import/export features. 

  • To begin, open Outlook and select File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export from the File menu.
  • Now, from the Import/Export Wizard, pick Import from another program or file >> Next. 
  • After this, select the Outlook data file (.pst) and go hit on the next button
  • Now, select the.pst file using the browse button and select the do not import duplicate option >> next.
  • At the last, after all the settings click on Finish. 

Method: 2 check Account Settings

There is a possibility of duplicating files in Outlook while configuring the PST file more than one time by mistake in Outlook. Multiple accounts with the same PST files were added to your Outlook in that situation. As a result, perform the actions below to authenticate the numerous accounts:

  • Open Outlook and go to the file option and then info >> Account Settings
  • After that, a window for account settings will appear.
  • Now, go to the Email tab and look for the account you have configured in Outlook. If it shows up more than once, simply delete it.
  • To remove an email account, simply move the mouse over it and click the remove button.

Method 3: Clean Up Tool to Remove Duplicates from PST File

  • First, start Outlook
  • Then, from the ribbon bar, select the clean-up tool and enlarge it.
  • When you expand it, three alternatives will appear: clean up dialogue, clean, and clean.
  • Up Folders, and clean Up conversation, clean
  • Up folders, and clean up folders & subfolder options. 
  • A dialogue window will now appear, asking whether you want to clear up or cancel. Simply select the option to clean up the folder.
  • Then, go to the settings option & enter the deleted items folder
  • After this, the Outlook options window will open. Click on the browse button
  • Once you’ve made all of your choices in Outlook, select the clean folder option to remove duplicates from PST files.

Limitations of Manual Procedures

All the manual techniques discussed above are useful only when the mailbox data is small in size. But, if you have a large amount of mailbox data in Outlook, then you might face some drawbacks like being unable to identify the exact number of duplicate files in the mailbox of Outlook.  

While using the clean up a tool it starts generating error messages like no message was cleaned up. Only messages that satisfy clean-up settings will be removed to the trash folder. As a result, manually eliminating duplicates from Outlook is not a viable alternative.

Professional Technique to Delete Duplicates from Outlook PST File 

As we talk about above, there are some obstacles that appear while using the manual procedure. So, if you are looking for simple and reliable solutions to remove duplicate files from Outlook in a PST file, then go for the professional solution. The best expert suggested Duplicate Remover Wizard is one such advanced application that easily deletes all duplicates from PST files in Outlook. 

This software allows users to remove duplicates from multiple Outlook PST/OST/BAK files at once. As well as create a report containing all details of a duplicate item after cleaning up duplicate files from Outlook. 

Final Words 

In this technical write up, we have discussed the multiple manual solutions and the best in use automated solution to remove duplicate from Outlook PST file. We compare each solution for the exact and accurate technique, but the manual method contains some drawbacks which are mentioned above. So, we suggest you go with the automated solution for the hassle-free, quick, and reliable way to remove duplicates. 

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