Netflix Watch Party

How to Make Use of Netflix Movie night with friends? Throw a party!

Netflix Watch Party Partying at home is no longer just for rainy days. Even though no one asked for it, the year 2020 transformed it into a legitimate social engagement. And it’s nothing like having a pool party or singing karaoke with your friends. Virtual home parties are all the rage nowadays.

We’d probably be happier if VR technology had become more widely available before the pandemic. But, until then, we must think of a more tangible way to communicate with our loved ones. The first thing that comes to mind is Zoom gatherings. You could also try Netflix Party after you’ve finished talking and toasting into your Mac’s camera.

What is the Netflix Party?

In a nutshell, Netflix Party is watching Netflix together with synced playback and a shared group chat. The service is available as a free Chrome extension, so anyone with an active Netflix subscription can use it. Netflix Party is only accessible through Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers. The good news is that you can project it onto a large screen. You can skip ahead to the end of the article to learn about the best big-screen strategy for Mac users.

Before you start a Netflix party, there are a few things you should think about:

Distribute Netflix. Everyone invited to the party will be asked to log in using their own Netflix accounts. So, before you choose the movie, take a quick poll to ensure that everyone is subscribed. Keep in mind that while an active Netflix membership can be shared across six devices, only two simultaneous streams are permitted.

Determine who will be in charge of the playback. A host can choose to be the only person who has access to fast forward and rewind. Unless the host chooses otherwise, every invitee will have the ability to control playback. However, this may result in too many popcorn refill breaks.

Set the ground rules for group chat. Netflix Party lets you personalise the chat by using user icons and creative nicknames. Make the most of this opportunity to have fun! To express yourself in the chat, you can also share GIFs, emojis, and even screenshots.

Because shared streaming is not time-limited, you can watch Netflix together online for hours, even if that means watching 10 Tiger King episodes in a row (real-life example here). Netflix Party syncs the movie or TV show you’re watching in HD quality, ensuring you and your friends share the same Netflix moments and can discuss them in real time. With the Netflix Party Chrome extension, there is no limit to the number of people who can watch Netflix at the same time.

How to Watch Netflix with a Group Using Netflix Party
It will only take you a few seconds to start the party, which is a significant advantage of quarantine entertainment — let’s face it. Joining through an invite link is even simpler. Allow us to walk you through the simple setup process.

How to Host a Netflix Party on a Mac:

Download the Netflix Party Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Use Chrome to access Netflix.

Find the show or movie you want to watch and press the Play button.

Next to the address bar, click the red NP button.

Check the box next to “Only I have control” if you want to be the one in charge of playback. Otherwise, each invitee will be able to rewind and fast forward.

To participate in the Netflix Party:

Download the Netflix Party extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Click the link in your invitation.

Join the party by clicking on the red NP button next to the address bar.

If this is your first time joining, choose your user icon and name — this will help your friends recognise you in the chat.

Prepare to binge-watch everything.