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How to Make Embroidery Patches? Patch Digitizing

Have you ever considered why embroidery patches and embroidery digitizing and embroidery digitizing square measure thus common and wide used? And conjointly, a way to build yourself from AN embroidery machine? If thus, keep reading! this whole guide can show you ways to simply produce custom patches.

Embroidery patches square measure one in every of the foremost helpful and delightful merchandise you’ll build mistreatment AN embroidery machine. several lovely embroidery styles, whole names, logos, and themes is designed as embroidery patches.

Embroidery patches square measure an inventive thanks to share yourself with the globe. they will be simply connected to a hat, bag, or jacket. Custom embroidery patches square measure an imaginative thanks to categorical your interests whereas conjointly humbly light your embroidery skills for embroidery digitizing.

2 ways that to create Embroidery Patches

Considering our history and today’s technology, we’ve return up with 2 new ways that to create custom embroidery patches. the standard of our style and therefore the method that we’ve developed to supply them is revolutionary.

As makers with over sixty years of expertise within the embroidery trade, our foundation can offer you each quality and product-friendly results. every file is manually digitized and tested. they’re not created mistreatment an automatic software system method that shows modest results of embroidery digitizing.

We’ve developed 2 innovative layouts tailored to your must offer you a selection. DIY Patches and Ready-Made Patches.

DIY Embroidery Patches

These with expertise digitized embroidery styles enable you to insert your styles or letters into the define of the patch. whether or not you wish to create one patch on one needle machine or multiple patches on a multi-needle machine, these styles enable you to simply produce custom patches with any material of your selection at the push of a button! Also know how to do embroidery digitizing service.

These DIY embroidery style files mimic the skilled results of trade frontiers, created employing a special machine. This copy can provides a clean and crisp edge to your patch. A feature that business border machines square measure noted.

Expertly Digitized

These with expertise digitized embroidery styles enable you to insert your styles or letters into the define of the patch. With the push of a button, simply produce custom patches with any content of your choice!

Please note that we tend to don’t embody EMB files with any of our DIY patches because the files don’t seem to be to be resized and can embroider precisely the size that they were digitized. we tend to embody SVG files for those that have any reasonably planner thus you’ll pre-cut your patch to the proper size.

Step 1: homework your patch

It is vital to arrange your patch. you’ll use any material you wish from your material station. Felt, cotton, poly, etc.

You will ought to duplicate your patch mistreatment one in every of these stabilizers. simply keep in mind that no matter you employ can modification however you proceed with the steps below:

  • A no show mesh product (with liquid interfacing on one side) or
  • A two-way possible (such as tacky patch possible stabilizer)

You can simply apply the stabilizer with a manage iron or heat press employing a temperature of 260F for regarding twelve seconds.

  • When mistreatment the 9 Show Mesh Stabilizer product, take a Teflon sheet, and place it at the terribly bottom, so it doesn’t stick. Then take your material, and no-show mesh is possible, and line them up so the shiny facet is below the material. Then place another Teflon sheet on prime. each the material and therefore the tacky patches are going to be like sandwiches between the Teflon sheets. Hold it below the warmth press for twelve seconds.
  • When employing a tacky patch liquid stabilizer, it’s essentially identical factor. Apply your tacky patch to the material, then place a chunk of Teflon on prime, line all of them up and place them below the warmth press for twelve seconds. Then hop or cut as laborious as you wish to come back a tough patch.

I recommend mistreatment tacky patch liquid in your patch-making method for variety of reasons. initial of all, it’s a double adhesive, thus after you place it down, it’s tacky to at least one facet and sticks to the opposite. This eliminates the utilization of “spray adhesives” throughout the patch-making method.

Step 2: Cutting your patch style

How you proceed with this next step can rely on whether or not you’ve got a cutting machine.

Use of Cutter Machine: With our DIY Patches created simple style files, we tend to embody the SVG file. simply insert your patch SVG file into your cutter and place your garments on your mat with the stabilizer. Cut out the shapes of your good match together with your cutter machine.

If you are doing not have a cutter machine: Run the stitching file received in your DIY Patch created simple style file on your material and stabilizer. Once finished, cut on the stitching define. If you wish to chop straight on the seam define, don’t leave any of it hanging.

Step 3: Adhesive Backing

Which stabilizer you employ depends on however your patch can look.

If you are doing not use a no-show mesh stabilizer, you ought to use a twig adhesive (such as 505) to stay to the rear of the patch.

If you employ a tacky patch stabilizer, you’ll simply peel off the rear. There’ll be an adhesive, which is able to offer you a tacky back (hence the name).

Step 4: Embroidering Your Patch

When embroidering on your patch, you’ll use three differing kinds of stabilizers. One in every of that has a lot of blessings over the opposite.

Depending on that stabilizer you employ for your custom embroidery patch, this may modification the method you follow the method. you’ll use one in every of the following embroidery digitizing and patches:

  1. DIY withdraw Patches
  2. DIY Wash Away Patches
  3. Prep Patch Film

Step 5: Post Patch waterproofing

You’re nearly done! you’ll need to seal your patch mistreatment Post Patch Iron on Cell.

Post-patch iron-on cell could be a two-way heat-activated seal. That’s applied to the rear of your finished patch for a clean, shiny result. It’ll hide all of your jumps and cuts and provides your patch. An expert feel and appearance at its incomplete side.

To use the post-patch iron on the cell. You only cut a chunk of it to the scale of your patch. Place the post-patch cell on prime of your patch and sandwich it between 2 items of Teflon. Place it below your hot press or iron at 380 ° F for fifteen seconds.

Take off your prime piece of Teflon and let it relax a small amount. Use caution to not overheat it after you peel it. Or you’ll leave residue on rock bottom Teflon.

Once it cools down a small amount. Peel off the post-patch seal and tear away the outer exposed seal of the patch. Whereas it’s still hot. Peel off the paper portion of the post-patch cell from the look. You might have to use tweezers for these tiny leftover pieces.


Patch planning has been the muse of our business for many years, and we’ve made scores of patches. Our intensive history and skill build United States specialists in patch-making. So that we square measure proud to share our information and new techniques with you. Also know check ZDIGITIZING embroidery digitizing service.