Beachy Waves in Your Hair

How to Get Easy Beachy Waves in Your Hair?

Beachy wave hair is the go-to for bombshells It has a feminine, scruffy, soft, and enchanting look. Because of their adaptability, beach waves have consistently risen in popularity throughout time. They are the ideal compromise between having curly hair and having straight hair, and they are suitable practically. Every hair length and kind of occasion, from giving a presentation at work to going out for the night. In addition, the front portions of beach-waved hair bring attention to your eyes and highlight your cheekbones. The attractive beach waves haircuts, which resemble the waves caused by the wind on a summer day, are easy enough that even a beginner can apply them. The beach waves hairstyle also reflects the waves formed by the breeze on a cold day. Beach wave-inspired hairstyles are fashionable and simple to maintain. They may seem simple, but there needs a bit of effort to carry them out. However, you need not worry about them since every girl can handle them just well the first time around.

In this article, we will explain some of the easiest ways of getting beach waves in your hair that can help you to find out yours.

Easy ways of getting beachy waves in your hair

Let’s take look at some of the easiest ways to get beachy waves in a variety of hair textures.

Using Natural methods

If you like to keep your hair in its natural state with little effort, you’ve definitely tried just letting it air dry. And it is effective at creating a splash. You may get the California girl style without using heat by plaiting your hair into a few buns (two at the nape of your neck!). Put your hair in two knots, pin them in place, and wait for it to dry. That’s all. Apply styling products meant to improve air-dried hair while the hair is still moist before you begin creating the buns to improve the curves.

Using a flat iron or straightener

Instead of using a curling iron, it is recommended to use a flat iron. This wave styling technique, which would add shine to the hair. This method may take a little longer than the others. Especially if you have dense, long hair, but your finished waves will be well worth the effort.  Place the flat side of the iron on the floor, rather than holding it at an angle. Finalize your style by spraying shine-boosting finishing sprays over your dried hair for more luster.

Getting messy Beach Waves

Importantly, beachy waves often start around the mid-shaft of your hair, just above the ears (this helps give a messy, undone effect). Slicking hair back into a ponytail and then using a curling iron on the area that is tied off is a brilliant time saver. When all of your strands are in one location, you can quickly and easily see which ones have been curled and which haven’t. Use a texturizing spray throughout the hair and a flexible hairspray to finish the look.

Beachy waves on Long Hair

You’ve undoubtedly heard that a thinner curling iron is better for little, tight curls. While a wider one is better for big, loose waves. It is possible to quickly and easily get beachy waves across your whole head of long hair by segmenting it off and using a curling iron with a tiny barrel.

Using Sea Salt Spray

It is common practice to use sea salt spray as a replacement for actually traveling to the beach in order to get the appearance of wavy water. After applying sea salt spray all over your hair and giving it a good scrunch. You will have the ideal textural boost for creating beachy waves in your hair.

If your hair is naturally straight or you simply want a more noticeable wave, apply any of the previous methods to make beach waves and finish with sea salt spray to provide your hair with that ideal post-salt-water texture. This will give your hair the appearance of having been washed in salt water.

Getting Beach Waves Overnight

Have you ever wished you could wake up with perfectly styled hair without having to spend time doing so (or risk harming your hair with hot tools)? Here’s the perfect cheat for your situation. Only four hair ties and a fabric belt (the belt from a bathrobe would do) require.

Divide your hair in half lengthwise, and then coil each half around the belt, tying it at the end with a hair tie, to get beautiful waves. To make a bun, just twist the whole piece. Flip it over and do it again. Put some hairspray on your hair once you wake up and relax. Done!

Getting Beach Waves on Medium Length Hair

This method is great if your hair is medium length. To get a flawlessly undone, disheveled wave, divide hair into sections and use a curling iron with a 1-inch barrel to create a bend in the center of the length of the hair and smooth out the ends. To complete, use dry shampoo on the roots, a texture spray through the lengths, and a drop of moisturizing oil on the ends.

Getting Beach Waves with a Twist out

If you want to get beachy waves with your natural hair, all you need to do is give it a simple twist. This way is all about providing you with undone waves that are reminiscent of the beach, as opposed to the tight curls that are produced by conventional methods for curling natural hair, which provide more structure to the curls. A twist-out is the best approach to get beach waves if you have long or medium-length hair and want to wear it in an upstyle.

Always remember that this technique uses only with a limited variety of curls. If you are having issues making your wave, you might need to try using a heat strategy to make beachy waves.

Using a curling wand

Using a curling wand, you may create beautiful, natural-looking waves. According to the GH Beauty Lab, this is because using a wand rather than a curling iron enables the hair’s natural texture to be preserved. The key to this look is leaving a little amount of hair unstyled at the ends.

You should first spray a heat protectant all over your dry hair and then finish with hairspray. Which you should then brush through. Then, using the curling wand with the 1-inch barrel, take vertical pieces of hair and wrap them around, leaving the ends out by two inches. Switch up the direction you’re going in as you go. Then finish off with a sea salt wave spray and a matte finish hairspray.

Short Hair with Beach Waves

Beach waves are easier to achieve with long hair, therefore short hair might be more of a challenge. However, if you have less than ten minutes, you may complete this short beach waves lesson. Working from the front in vertical portions, curl the hair using a 1-inch curling iron on a low heat setting, switching directions as you approach closer to the base of the hair.

Hairspray with a medium to strong hold should spray evenly over your hair, keeping the can approximately 6 inches away from your head to avoid a heavy coating. This will help your style last longer and resist frizz.


Having read this article, I hope you have more confidence in making beach waves on your hair. Just keep going; don’t give up. Wear your sexy beachy waves hairstyle with a confident smile.