How to Forget About Your Ex? 12 Effective Tips

How to Forget About Your Ex? 12 Effective Tips

The relationship is over, whether you ended it or your partner did. It has probably already ended. So why do you still get flashbacks about your ex? Perhaps they continue to appear in your dreams? Or perhaps, despite the fact that you were miserable in your previous relationship, your present spouse makes you long to be with your ex.

This post is for you if you’re looking for advice on how to move past your ex. I frequently receive the text update from clients saying “it’s over” as a professional therapist. During the subsequent grief sessions, I offer a sympathetic ear. The client’s decision to end the relationship was not always their own.

Things change when a relationship ends. There is only “me,” no longer a “us.” Since we are single, we are no longer “in a relationship.” Even though this new identity is not always embraced, why can’t we get rid of certain ex-lovers? Yes it’s true that when you get into a difficult situation in our love life we all become helpless and endure the situation. But what if I tell you that you can definitely get back your Ex? Astonished right? Yes you can get back your ex or your  love of your life by contacting our world famous astrologer in india who has got years of experience in this field. He can definitely help you to overcome the problem that you are facing right now.

suggestions for moving past an ex

It might be difficult to learn how to move on from an ex since you can find yourself attempting to cling to the past even when you know it may be necessary to do so. If you’re attempting to figure out how to forget your ex, consider these suggestions that have worked for others.

1. Compose a letter to them

When attempting to come up with strategies to forget your ex, getting all the useless ideas out on paper may be a purifying experience.

Writing down our ideas might help us deal with them when we are plagued by persistent thoughts. Send them a letter outlining all the reasons you miss them. And all the reasons why you don’t follow. All the things you wish you could still say, tell them. After that, destroy it and never transmit it again.

2. Allow the past to remain in the past

Realizing that you can’t keep letting your ex into your present after you choose to end your connection with them in the past is a crucial step in learning how to move on from the past relationship. It’s possible that you see them returning to your life immediately, as if they had never left. You can have an unreasonable expectation that people would not only accept you as you are now, but also transform into someone deserving of acceptance. These ideas are probably just wishful thinking that will make you unhappy.

3. Make your memory travels clear.

All of the details of your connection must be correct in your journeys down memory lane. Keep in mind the reasons why your relationship ended in the first place.

Be careful to keep in mind occasions like when they shouted at you for a little error or became too inebriated to spend the night out with you.

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4. Create a list

Make a note of the traits that your ex possessed that did not align with your values and direction. You can use the list as a reminder of your rights to better things.

5. Take into account what appears unsettling.

Examine the emotions that make you recall your ex’s thoughts. Do the issues in your former relationship bring to mind an unresolved family issue? Has the relationship made you feel guilty or regretful about anything? Discuss with a therapist what lies behind the recollections of the previous relationship. You can realize that it frequently has more to do with you than with them or your connection.

6: No reversal

Try to avoid speaking to your ex in any way. It may be quite difficult to move on from an ex if you bring them back into your life on a regular basis.

7. Re-discover yourself

Accept the fact that you are unique. Perhaps, you are just different now—not necessarily better or worse. Accept who you are. Avoid thinking too far into the future and try to focus on yourself right now.

Salute the dawn. Honor your nightly customs.

Spend time with your friends and the ones that bring you joy. Consider doing the things you used to like. This makes you feel more like you, not like you did when your ex was in your life.

8. Regular

You probably grew up on a schedule and enjoyed the security of sticking to a pattern every day. The ideal scenario would be for you to start a new habit free of your ex.

Try to create a new routine and adhere to it until it becomes second nature to you.

9: Begin again

Fresh start. A recent haircut tidied a space. You can control and exert influence over these things. Yours, brand-new, and fresh.

Plan a trip, even a day one, if you have the luxury of doing so. If you have the time, visit the new eatery. Your new position and feeling of self are helping you create new memories.

10: New pastime

Now is a fantastic time to start a new pastime or pick up an old one again. You are now free from having to text, chat, dine, and argue with your companion. You may indeed enroll in classes, pick up a new language, join a reading club, or buy a pet. Recognize the benefits of having time to accomplish anything you want.

11. Allow yourself space to be sad.

These five phases of grieving—denial, anger, despair; bargaining, and acceptance—apparently apply in real life. The act of defining acceptance for you may be empowering in and of itself.

Perhaps you acknowledge that you have gained a lot of knowledge about what you need, deserve, and who you are as a partner. Perhaps you now realize that missing them is far more effective than loving them.

12. Feeling self-love

Although it may seem indulgent, self-compassion is essential. Keep in mind that you have to go through a lot to get here. Recognize that. Soak it all in. The finest thing you can do in any relationship, intimate or not, is to demand respect, consideration, and care from it. You are aware of the gifts you provide. You are aware of what feeds your life. Recognize these facets of your personality and use them to cultivate self-love.


Finding a therapist who can help you come up with ideas and make commitments would be helpful if you don’t already have one because forgetting your ex can be a big endeavor.

Keep looking if you can’t locate a therapist you click with. We are prepared to help you and are standing by. Living your greatest life actually comes when you can finally love the life you are now leading, the one without your ex. You’ll be able to recognize the beauty in the life you now lead after you learn how to let go of your ex.

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