How to Find Your Dream Partner in Rural Areas

Photo by Josh Willink:

A wise person once said that it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. While many people might debate that statement, it’s true that love can be a beautiful experience. When you’re living in a rural area, the search might prove to be harder because of a lack of foot traffic. Thankfully, it’s not impossible. In order to get the results you desire, approach the process with intentionality. Include the following steps in your plan toward finding love in a rural area.

1. Start a Dating Profile

In today’s buzzing digital age, it’s easy to find a wide range of dating websites to fit your criteria. If you uphold a certain religious belief, you can typically find dating websites that cater to singles within a particular religion. Certain dating websites and apps even cater to specific generations. In the case of someone who’s looking to date and lives in a rural area, look for dating websites that cater to people in the same predicament. There are plenty of rural areas across your state and country. By honing in on your specific niche, you’ll widen the net of eligible singles and find your dream partner.

2. Launch a Social Media Profile

A public social media profile opens you up to a lot of people. You’ll want to put certain safety measures in place. For example, don’t post the local coffee shop visit until you’ve made it home. Don’t share your address or daily routine. Predators still lurk on the internet. However, if you’d like to share snippets of yourself and your life, it can be a great way to potentially attract your mate. Plenty of people connect with others through social media platforms. They’re meant for people to be…social with each other. This can also become applicable in terms of finding a partner. By using a public social media profile to boost your visibility, you can increase your chances of meeting someone who’d be willing to move to a rural area to be with you.

3. Attend Local Events

Even when you live in a rural area, activities take place. Look to see if there’s a local bar people love to frequent in order to get drinks. If the local library holds a book fair, attend with books to donate. If the local schools host sporting events, attend or volunteer to help out. By placing yourself in a variety of locations, you’ll expand your chances of meeting new people and expanding your network.

4. Find Ways to Expand Your Circle

When you expand your circle, you’ll decrease the degrees of separation. As you meet various people and get to know them, find out if they know any other people who are single. You don’t want to come across as desperate because that can lead to a host of new issues. Just be cool as you let people know that you’re single and ready to mingle. If they know of anyone, they’ll let you know. Expanding your current circle is also a great way to make new friends that can also last a lifetime.

5. Tap into Your Current Network

Work on tapping into your current network of people. If you have family members or friends who live in other parts of the city, state, or country, ask them whether they have any connections. Tapping into your current circle is helpful because they already know you and your personality. With that understanding, it’s much easier for them to know who could potentially be a great match for you. Be open to the possibilities as you allow your family members and friends to do some match-making work on your behalf. Sometimes, the person of your dreams is literally right underneath your nose.


To know that someone is willing to walk beside you in life as a source of support, kindness, and love is a reassuring, affirming experience. Admittedly, the search isn’t always the easiest. Many people look for love and never experience it in their lifetime. Yet, it’s possible to find love because people find it every day. If you know that you want to experience it, don’t give up hope. Use these tips, personal wisdom, and self-love to guide you to another person who you can experience love with.