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How to Embroider a Quilt Label – Complete Tutorial

I don’t understand you That you are looking for embroidery designs. but I’m usually done by the time I’m left with just adding the binding and label to the quilt. Thankfully, making labels with an embroidery machine is quick, easy, and painless. So, are you able to add the of completion to your quilt by adding an embroidered label or tag?

Follow together with this tutorial to find out a way to embroider a quilt label!

What to incorporate on a Quilt Label

If you try a range of quilt labels, you’ll get different items included on every one. As long as you’re entering a quilt show and also the requirements are very clear, you’ll add whatever details you would like.

Here are some belongings you might want to incorporate on your embroidery quilt label:

  • Your name (and the names of everyone who helped with the piece or quilt.)
  • Recipient’s Name, Recipient
  • Name of quilt and/or pattern used
  • Construction Details: Machine, thread, and fabric used or other relevant details
  • History is complete
  • Total hours worked.
  • Reason for gift giving: birthday, wedding, birth, etc.
  • Your address and telephone number (required for quilts that I enter)
  • A few ideas for the recipient or a favorite quote
  • Anything else you’ll think of?

Select Fabric for Machine Embroidered Quilt Labels

Now that you’ve decided what to embroider on your quilt label, the following step is deciding what fabric to embroider it on! First, choose a stable, woven fabric that doesn’t stretch (which makes it easier to embroider). Also, ensure that whatever material you employ won’t affect how the quilt hangs and moves once the label is attached. Mostly, i take advantage of good quality quilting cotton.

Adding a layer of interfacing to the rear of the material if needed (be careful of steam and shrinkage), starching it well, stabilizing it properly, and selecting a decent design are usually labels of excellent quality. Also know check embroidery designs for your machine.

Quilt Label Embroidery Designs

While quilt labels are fairly straightforward to digitize in embroidery software (I’ll cover that later), sometimes it’s nice to use a pre-digitized design.

So, here are some machine embroidery quilt label design resources.

  1. Juju Customize Quilt Designs
  2. Quilt Label Bundle by Ladder Hill Designs
  3. Anita Goodesign Corner Quilt Label
  4. Free quilt label from Creative Kiwi
  5. Embroidery Library Quilt Labels

Stabilizer for Quilt Labels and Puckering:

Unless you employ a font with a coffee stitch count (think stitch, not satin stitch) or choose a awfully sturdy fabric, your quilt label will suffer from movement or improper stability. That’s why i favor to use a fusible no-shoe mesh stabilizer to stay the material firm and supply proper stitch support. It’s also important that the stabilizer you utilize is soft and won’t affect the material properties of the quilt when the label is sewn on.

If I don’t use a fusible stabilizer, I attach the stabilizer and base fabric together employing a temporary adhesive and add a basting stitch before the look stitches to forestall movement. I also avoid tear-away stabilizers because tearing the stabilizer off the rear of the quilt can distort the material and stitches, and it often doesn’t support my quilt label embroidery design okay.

How to Embroider a Quilt Label Step-By-Step

1. Create or edit your own quilt label embroidery design

There are several ways to attain the right quilt label design, as most labels are just text with an (optional) border design or fancier motifs.

First, most embroidery programs provide the fundamental functionality you would like to edit or create your own quilt label embroidery designs. Choose your favorite built-in border motif or create your own design, add text centrally, and export.

Second, you’ll create quilt label designs using the built-in functions of the newest embroidery machines. As above, only add text to a frame then stitch!

Finally, you’ll be able to purchase a pre-made quilt label design file and fill within the details with handwriting or machine lettering. Choosing a Font for Quilt Labels vs. Deciding handy Letter

Whether you create your label from scratch or add text to an existing design, you’ll must choose a font or arrange to write by hand. If you choose to travel the hand-lettering route, i like to recommend following the following pointers from Pat Sloan for selecting the suitable fabric marker.

Quilt labels can even diverge shapes:

While I usually make triangular or rectangular quilt labels (because I can tuck the 2 edges under the binding), you’ll create more unique shapes when it comes time to chop out the labels.

To be completely honest, i favor to use my Cricut Maker to chop quilt labels that are odd shapes because hand-cutting a circle, star, or anything isn’t my forte. Although, don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Quilt Label Edge Options:

I even have several ways to mend the perimeters on my quilt label. the primary option, which is my least favorite, is to use pink shears to chop and stitch the sting of an interfacing or non-interfacing fabric. (You may cut with regular scissors to your required shape.)

Another is to form a straightforward shape sort of a rectangle then fold the perimeters of the label evenly under. the ultimate method is to stitch a bit of cloth over the quilt label (right side down), leaving a little gap. Open, trim, turn the quilt label right side out and shut the opening. it’s double-layered and provides an attractive perfect look.

2. Prep Stabilizer and Hoop Fabric

Now that you’ve created the planning and found out how it’ll sew, it’s time to begin fixing the material and machine. For best first-time success, I stiffen my fabric with a bast press before embroidering, but you’ll be able to use your favorite quilt stabilizer. Terrell Magic, though, requires washing after embroidery to forestall discoloration.

Then, whoop, whoop, whoop! Use the tiny size hoop that may suit your quilt label embroidery design. This reduces movement and thus slippage, providing better stitching.

However, don’t pull the material, because when the material is released it’ll stretch round the stitching on your quilt label so wrinkle. If you’re not a decent hooper, I suggest a magnetic hoop rather than floating your quilt label. Floating, in general, doesn’t provide the simplest results on behalf of me.

3. Embroider the Quilt Label

I like to use white embroidery bobbin thread on the underside.

However, if your machine has trouble sewing lowercase letters. Consider winding bobbins in each upper thread color to scale back the unsightly bobbin thread. Showing on the highest of your embroidery.

Then, once you’ve ready your machine (loaded designs, verified needles, and threads), press start and watch your machine go!

If you notice puckering after you begin embroidering. Add a bit of strong tear-away stabilizer to the underside of the quilt label. (Just be very careful to not distort the stitches or fabric once you remove it later.)

4. pack up Design

Once the embroidery is finished, remove the ring from your embroidery machine, and release the material from the ring. Then, trim any jump stitches or loose threads.

5. Press the Label

Next, press the quilt label right side down with a press cloth and iron. Pressing can remove small puckers and stitches. take care with steam, though, just in case of shrinkage.

6. Trim the Embroidered Label to Size

Now, choose the seam allowance you intend to use for your quilt label. I sort of a large 1/2″, and trim the embroidered label to size employing. A rotary cutter or scissors. This is that if you intend to affix the perimeters before sewing. If not, don’t worry here. Ta-da, all done! I used the sting fold method for this quilt. So I ironed the underside edges before finally adding the label to my quilt.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on a way to embroider a quilt label along with your embroidery machine! Also check ZDIGITIZING embroidery design Store.