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How to Embroider a 4-Sided Hat with 3D Puff Embroidery

Creating 3D puff embroidery on hats appears difficult to some folks. Even most embroiderers fall under strain once embroidering on hats/caps. as a result of operating with puffy style (fonts/logos) is harder than regular embroidery. however inside one strive, you may be able to perform well. we tend to ar here to help you during this trial.

In this post, we are going to show the easy and straightforward thanks to apply 3D puff embroidery on your Custom Embroidered Hat that allows you to induce additional customers in future.

3D Puff Embroidery

3D puff embroidery could be a reasonably embroidery within which objects/figures ar raised from the bottom to grant a three dimension look.

It is obvious from the name that 3D puff embroidery allows the look to be puffed out or daring which might be seen from a way distance. In 3D puff embroidery, foam is employed between the hat and therefore the embroidery. That once handicraft permits the puff to be secured in situ. This foam comes during a type of thicknesses starting from 2mm-3mm. Once you complete stitching, the 3D puff is off from {the style|the planning|the look} however your design remains Intact on custom caps, hats, clothes and different attire things. you’ll hide this foam by victimization a similar color thread or by applying multiple thread stitches.


You are suggested to avoid victimization stiff foam as a result of at the top of the method you have got to get rid of it. If this foam is difficult, it’ll be troublesome to get rid of and it’ll deteriorate your embroidery.

The raised portion of 3D puff embroidery is any letter, logo, or different style on your hats or attire. therefore the those who wish to advertise their whole, and demand high-quality hats for sports, couple hats, and uniform caps will head to have 3D puff embroidery on their hats or attire by embroidering puffed logos, styles or different symbols etc.

Choice and site of the 3D Puff Embroidery style on Hats

3D puff embroidery isn’t solely confined to the front aspect of the hat. you’ll sew it on the left front panels, on the perimeters} and conjointly on the rear side of the cap. however it is difficult as in 6-panel hats seams run down the center of the decorated space. it’s important to confirm the selection of the right vogue for 3D puff embroidery style. thanks to the thick or raised look, 3D puff embroidery occupies extra space on the hat and there’s restricted space on the perimeters of the cap. the simplest position to use 3D puff embroidery is on the front or back of the cap. Use of spherical or block-shaped letters(0.25-0.33inch wide)for 3D puff embroidery is suggested. For making design, attempt to use spherical corners wherever your needle perforates the look and foam utterly for handicraft. Also know about convertir imagen a bordado gratis.

Steps of the decorated hat with 3D puff embroidery:

Let’s practice the steps of associate decorated hat with 3D puff embroidery.

Step 1- place along the desired materials:

Pick up the Hat-The opening in 3D puff embroidery starts with alternative} of hats up to your choice. heaps of hat styles are freely obtainable on the web. you’ll select what you would like to wear either baseball caps, dad hats, flat bill hats, sports hats etc. The structured hat is my selection for 3D puff embroidery to attain high-quality results.

Embroidery Needle

use the needle that permits multiple strands of threads to pass away.

Embroidery Thread

Make sure to use a large vary of thread colors. it’s a crucial a part of any kind of embroidery.


Used to provides a 3D look to your style. Use white or black foam of 2-3mm thickness.

Embroidery Machine

It is a similar reasonably machine used for different kinds of embroidery. This machine comes in many sorts of sizes.

Computer and package

These are accustomed digitize the look for 3ad puff embroidery before file transfer to the machine.

Embroidery Hoops

Place your hat over the ring to stay it in situ before lockup it into the machine. These hoops were moved throughout embroidery by the machine to make the look.

Adhesive Spray

It is accustomed adhere the froth within the target place throughout 3D puff embroidery.

Heat gun or sharp tweezers

Used to tear away the surplus foam from the 3D puff embroidery style or to heat the froth therefore it’ll be removed simply at the top of associate embroidering hat with 3D puff embroidery.

Step 02: digitize a style for 3D Puff Embroidery and Transfer it to the Machine

After learning the hat, succeeding step is to make the look. Let’s take the instance of the letter of the alphabet T. There are some basic rules you have got to follow for digitizing letters within the case of 3D puff embroidery.

Step 03- Add a Hoop

Now I’m attending to attach cap hooping to the machine. On the highest of the ring, there’s atiny low plate with a line wherever I’m attending to line up before of the cap. Pull out the sweatbands from beneath the cap and secure the place with a band and hoop the cap to the machine.

Step 04- Add 3D Embroidery Foam

Once you have got done the embroidery, currently cut the piece of froth. Cut the froth half in. larger than the finished embroidery. generally you wish to create changes to the dimensions.

Thick foam allows the 3D puff embroidery style to square up off the hat. it’s vital to vary the color throughout 3D puff embroidery. Once you complete operating with one color, stop your embroidery machine. Then stop the piece of froth massive enough to hide the remainder of the look and repeat the method for various colors. the froth color ought to be on the point of the color of the thread used for handicraft the 3D puff embroidery style. Foam comes solely during a basic color that couldn’t be matched with each thread color. therefore folks typically use white color foam for lightweight colors and black foam for all dark colors.

Step 05- begin the Machine

Next, we tend to press the beginning and machine embroidery and head to work on stitching on the 3D puff embroidery foam. define the realm of froth then sew a stitch therefore it will cut the froth to simply place it off. The puffy portion ought to be stitched at the top. First, sew all the flat sections round the foam. because the needle penetrates, it creates the full and excess foam are force away. currently stop the machine to tear away the surplus foam and complete the remainder of the embroidery to hide the froth. check that the a part of the look should be large so foam will beat it to grant it a 3D look. Also check ZDIGITIZING Embroidery Digitizing.

Important Note:

  • Avoid embroidering over the puff as a result of it’ll flatten the puff.
  • Graphing lines between letters ought to be between 3mm to 10mm thick. As a result of additional thickness can provides a additional puffy or 3D result.
  • If you’re victimization quite one letter on your 3D puff embroidery cap. Spacing between them ought to be thought of as a result of foam causes. The form to expand and reduce the spacing so letters. Can bit one another if there’s not enough spacing.
  • Capping Objects ought to be accustomed place the froth. To avoid foam from bulging at the sides. There’s no would like for associate underlay and therefore. The area between stitches ought to be zero.16mm.