Dress for Success

How to Dress for Success: Style Tips for Men in the Business World

These days, it seems like anything is possible when it comes to fashion. No wonder most men don’t know what to wear or how to dress anymore with new silhouettes hitting the market every day. Fortunately, the dress code for businessmen hasn’t changed much. Read on for tips on how to find the perfect style for your professional look.

Invest in a tailored suit

There are certain pieces of clothing that you need to renew every season, so you shouldn’t spend too much on them. However, there are also garments that you want to last for years. Quality suits are made to serve you for years, and they are worth the investment. Think of your suit as your armor. When it comes to first impressions, the look and fit of your suit is what makes you stand out in the office. You should invest in a brand known for creating stylish business attire, like Tom Ford or Hugo Boss. However, some men have particularly broad shoulders or long arms, and if you feel like it’s impossible to find a suit that fits, don’t despair. Find a good tailor and have a suit made that fits you like a glove.

Buy a range of shirts in your size

Shirts, on the other hand, you will have to change more often, depending on the quality. If you find cheaper shirts that fit well, you can spend a little less on them. Going for a brand is a great choice, you can consider Chatleys Menswear that offers a wide range of quality clothing. Use Chatleys Menswear discount code to get further discount for your shopping. Remember that your dress shirt should not be too loose or too tight, just like your suit. Also, when you take off your jacket, you need to look like a million bucks, so make sure the silhouette is perfect. Again, if you’re having trouble finding the right brand of shirt, you can have it tailored. Remember, you’re supposed to wear the shirt throughout the day, and the last thing you want is for it to be uncomfortable.

Creativity with a tie

A good tie allows you to express your personal creativity in a professional setting. It also adds a bit of color to your outfit and gives you the option to wear the same suit, yet have a different vibe. A navy blue suit with a white shirt will look different with a bright orange tie than with a dark burgundy tie. Also, make sure your bow tie covers the entire collar of your shirt for a stylish look.

Choose the right accessories for a stunning look

Accessories should enhance your style and creativity and unify your entire look. One of the most important accessories is your wristwatch. Think of it as a piece of jewelry that will serve you faithfully for years and that your son might wear one day – so invest in a classic and timeless piece. If you want to give someone your business card, definitely don’t pull out an old, thick leather wallet. Consider buying a sleek, minimalist metal wallet that fits in your pocket. Another thing that will show your clients that you have class is a pair of cufflinks. Think about it: Cufflinks show others that you are a sophisticated man who pays attention to his outfit. You didn’t just buy a shirt with buttons sewn on, you made the effort to buy an accessory that shows your sense of style. Another perfect accessory that shows your taste is the pocket square. Nowadays, a pocket square and a tie don’t have to match. Instead, the pocket square should complement the rest of your look, either by matching or contrasting it.

High quality shoes are a must

Just like your suit, you want your shoes to last for years. A stylish and well-tailored pair of leather shoes is another must-have to attract attention. Oxford shoes are the most common in the business world, but any type of suit shoe will do as long as it is well maintained. That means no wrinkled, dull, warped or faded shoes. Always remember, your shoes should match your wrist belt. Wearing a brown shoes pair with a black suit is a fashion faux pas.

With these few basic tips, any man can achieve the perfect professional business look. Men’s fashion is simple: make sure everything fits well. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to look good, just keep it tasteful and elegant.